Bicycle Tour, Day 8: Lazy update

in cyclefeed •  4 months ago

I think I might kinda feel bit tired right now. It's really no wonder though as I have been out in the wild for a week, and cycling a lot, so it's not all "happy-happy-joy-joy". But managing to do some warm meal usually gives a nice morale boost.

Luckily tomorrow I'm getting to my friend's and I can actually sleep inside. I'm quite excited, not only for the sleeping part, but for the house welcoming he's having, so a lot of good friends will be there.

Btw, I hate dirt roads; it's just all RATATATATA, bumby and so slow. The shortest route would have gone through countryside, but definitely not the fastest; smooth asphalt is so much faster.

Couple pictures, good night before I fall asleep with the phone on my hand.

Both are from the same bridge but opposite directions.


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Great shots. Try getting some deserved rest at your friends place tomorrow


Just quick snaps with my phone 😛 I'll get a really good rest since the official house warming is on Saturday (and I'm going to be there then, of course).

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