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Moving to Magok opened up new opportunities for CyClean and our partner, JPAY Platform. Magok has become a crypto hub, as numerous restaurants and cafes are beginning to accept JPAY as a form of payment. In the near future, CyClean will join the JPAY ecosystem, where it will serve as a cryptocurrency that is used to pay for meals and coffee. This is good for adoption, which is coming sooner than we expect. JPAY is also rolling out its IC card in the upcoming months, so keep an eye on how CyClean is integrated into this platform!

Today, we want to give you an example of cryptocurrency adoption through our good partner platform JPAY. JPAY is a cryptocurrency that is currently spent as money in Magok and other areas in Korea, and let me give you proof of this. Two of my friends went out to get coffee, eat lunch, and grab dinner, and everything was paid for with JPAY coins. Why don’t we take a look at their spending spree?

Before we show you the pictures, let me give you the background story. These two friends were arguing about what is better - JPAY or credit cards. The more traditional friend was adamant that credit cards could not be beat, that cryptocurrencies would never win. He was convinced that cryptocurrency adoption would never happen. The other friend, a JPAY enthusiast, begged to differ. He wanted to prove to his friend that JPAY is as good, if not better, than current payment systems. He is making the case that cryptocurrencies have real life use cases. Let's see if he was able to convince his stubborn friend.

The two buddies started their day with coffee. Nearby CyClean's Magok office is a coffee shop called October, which is known for its tasty bread.


The two men entered the cafe and ordered an apple pie and a chocolate croissant along with some coffee. Now, it was time to pay. The friend with JPAY said he would pay, but the doubting friend was looking with eyes of mistrust. The JPAY friend took out his phone, logged into his JPAY application, and handed his phone to the café owner. With the scan of a barcode, the payment went through instantly. No need to wait, no need to pull out a wallet. Everything was done with a mobile phone.


The unbelieving friend looked pretty surprised. The two took their food and ate the baked bread and sipped their coffee. The doubting friend asked if JPAY's transaction speed was always this fast. The other friend replied, “Yes, of course. I told you it’s fast.”


Because bread and drinks were not enough to fill their stomach, the two hungry men headed to a Korean octopus restaurant nearby. They sat and ate the spicy Korean dish, both breaking into a sweat. Filling their bellies with the seafood stew, they approached the counter to pay for their meal.


The friend with the credit card said that he would pay for lunch, but the JPAY friend insisted that he use JPAY Silver. After all, JPAY Silver was received for free for playing JPAY's games. He was spending free money! The friend with the credit card appeared to be jealous, but he still did not admit that JPAY was a spectacular innovation. He sure does not give in.

Following lunch, the two took a stroll around the area. The two liked to talk about different subjects. On this day, they debated the future of cryptocurrencies, talked about girlfriends, and enjoyed the fall weather. Then the friend with the credit card asked about JPAY. What was so special about it? The other friend replied by talking about how JPAY Silver is earned by playing fun games. “It’s a good way to relieve stress and mine cryptocurrencies at the same time. You can send the coins you mined directly to your JPAY wallet and spend it on food. It’s really convenient, actually. A lot of restaurants are starting to accept JPAY in Korea.” The other friend nodded as if he finally understood what JPAY is about.

Before going their own ways, the JPAY friend insisted on buying his unbelieving friend dinner to take home. They headed to another restaurant in Magok, a restaurant that sold pig feet dishes. Because the JPAY friend had a dinner meeting, he gave the takeout meal to his friend. The friend later went home and took this picture of the meal.


Along with this picture, he sent a text message that said, “Thanks for everything today. I guess JPAY is pretty cool.”

And that concluded the friends’ day. They both had a great time, though they disagreed at times. The JPAY dude was able to convince his friend that cryptocurrency adoption is happening. We sure know that it is.

We are excited to see how CyClean will be used in our everyday lives. Get excited, because adoption with CyClean is coming!

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