Why choose Uncloak as your cybersecurity solution?

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“Cybersecurity risks are growing… Attacks against businesses have almost doubled in five years, and incidents that would once have been considered extraordinary are becoming more and more commonplace… Notable examples included the WannaCry attack — which affected 300,000 computers across 150 countries — and NotPetya, which caused quarterly losses of US$300 million for a number of affected businesses.”

  • World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2018

Introducing Uncloak: the cybersecurity Blockchain DApp

With the incidence of cyber-attacks growing explosively conventional security measures are falling short. Centralised security systems have an inherent weakness because they present an easy target for hackers.

Uncloak is a DApp that solves this problem by using advanced EOS Blockchain technology and AI to stay a sep ahead of hackers and cybercriminals.

Uncloak is a virtual cybersecurity consultant that enables companies to secure their computers without expensive software solutions and trained staff. The AI engine at the core of Uncloak is fuelled by a Blockchain secured network of threat bounty hunters and researchers, enabling Uncloak to predict and defend against emerging threats.

What the %#&@ is a DApp?

Blockchain is a pretty new concept for most people, so let’s take a minute and demystify some of the jargon around Uncloak.

DApp stands for decentralised application. We describe Uncloak as a DApp because unlike conventional cloud software it isn’t running on one central computer or server.

A DApp’s backend code is distributed across a peer-to-peer network, thus avoiding any single point of failure and protecting it from hacking. In Uncloak’s case, the network is managed by an EOS Blockchain system that verifies and secures interactions across the network.

The Blockchain application most people know about is Bitcoin, the controversial cryptocurrency which was the first real-world use of the technology. But Blockchain can do a lot more than just act as virtual money.

Blockchain technology facilitates collaboration; it’s known as a “distributed ledger” system because every participant, every user’s contributions are part of a permanent, verifiable record.

Conventional centralised software is insecure because, like a bank, it’s an attractive target for criminals. Blockchain platforms operate on the idea of smart contracts that enable a community of users to interact securely without the intervention of a central authority. That’s a very valuable characteristic in the context of cybersecurity because it removes the vulnerability inherent in a central authority. Uncloak’s Blockchain AI will coordinate threat intel and award bounties automatically.

Threat bounties are a core component of Uncloak. Participants in Uncloak who identify new “zero hour” cyber-threats will be automatically rewarded with tokenised bounties. The Uncloak threat bounty system will be managed by AI so that users will get the full benefit of new intel in real time.

How does Uncloak work?

Now we’ve covered some of the must-know jargon, let’s get to the machinery of Uncloak itself. It’s a cybersecurity solution and a threat bounty program and a Blockchain system… but how does it work?

Uncloak provides up-to-the-moment cyber-threat protection for users by coordinating the efforts of expert researchers and AI.

Powered by EOS blockchain technology, the architecture of Uncloak is a transparent peer-to-peer AI platform. Uncloak simultaneously allows IT specialists across the globe to collaborate on intercepting new cybersecurity threats and delivers that intel to users to protect them from attack.

There is a threat bounty system built into Uncloak that rewards participants for discovering and sharing new zero-hour vulnerabilities. Blockchain management of the Uncloak user community will mean that there are no delays between threats being detected and users being protected.

In a conventional cybersecurity software system, human analysts must verify and distribute new threat data, causing a lag time between the emergence of a threat and protection being implemented. Uncloak’s unique Blockchain AI structure solves that problem because participants in the system share intel directly, in real time.

Who needs Uncloak?

Every company is connected to the internet, even if it’s only through email inboxes and that makes them vulnerable to cybercrime.

The WEF’s 2018 Global Risks Report and recent data released by the FBI show that online attacks against businesses are increasing in number and severity year-on-year.

Businesses are looking for more effective ways to protect themselves, and in a world where new malware variants can sweep across the globe in minutes, a timely response is vital.

Companies will use Uncloak to get protection from new cyber-threats because the Uncloak Blockchain AI system will identify them faster than conventional centralised security software.

Cybersecurity researchers will participate in Uncloak’s threat bounty program because the peer-to-peer Blockchain structure will give them access to the latest verified intel faster than any other channel. Researchers and threat hunters will be able to collaborate seamlessly through the Uncloak Blockchain without bottle-necks caused by human verification.

Because Uncloak is powered by an AI engine, it will employ all the data from researchers and end-users to learn in real time and develop predictive solutions to new cyber-threats.

In our next article we’ll be interviewing Asad Mahmood, one of Uncloak’s key technical advisors, and asking him about the way Uncloak integrates AI and Blockchain. Asad is a Blockchain Engineer at IBM,a highly experienced AI software developer, and an expert at explaining complex ideas to regular people.

Don’t miss that conversation: follow our blog updates.

See Uncloak in action

Uncloak provides a unified solution to the fastest growing cybersecurity problems facing companies: identity theft, data-breaches, email fraud, malware, and hacking.

The Uncloak Blockchain system will bring businesspeople, security researchers and threat bounty hunters together to collaborate in the most effective way possible, eliminating the dangerous time-lags that exist in conventional security software.

Experience a demo of Uncloak right now on our website: go to https://demo.uncloak.io/

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