Three Simple Steps of How to Become a White Hat Hacker?

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The rapid digital progress has created prerequisites for the appearance of the increasing number of cybercriminals. The more opportunities humanity has, the more ways of committing cybercriminals are. So, how can we withstand it without a harm to the global development? The answer is simple. We have to find the effective methods of how to encourage experienced and skilled people to use their abilities in an appropriate manner. In turn, Hacken Ecosystem developed three simple steps of how to get benefits from hacking in an ethical manner.

The first step is to change your goals, way of thinking and approach. The essential thing necessary for becoming an ethical hacker is a desire to apply own knowledge and expertise for the improvement of cybersecurity rather than bypassing it.
The second step is to develop the relevant skills and gain required expertise in certain areas of cyber security. It is no secret that permanent learning and comprehending the innovative approaches to cybersecurity is a cornerstone of success. Along with that, it is necessary to attend specific competitions or white hat hacker conferences, such as Hack IT, because it will definitely help a person meet like-minded people and start a cooperation with them. Eventually, this environment would form a hacker's way of thinking, as well as sharpen his or her skills.

The last step is to take part in a white hat hacker conference or Hackathon related to Cyber Security.

The participation in such events will provide a professional with a wide range of employment opportunities. In case if a person will perform in a perfect manner, he or she will definitely develop a strong reputation. Consequently, it will provide a professional with a lot of advantageous connections. The value of this step can be simply explained by the example of HackIT, an annual international forum on Cyber Security held by Hacken. It has already provided more than 30 ethical hackers with the workplaces.

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