Oikos.Cash, blockchain based Synthetic Asset issuance

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ABOUT Oikos.cash
Oikos is a Blockchain based synthetic asset issuance platform powered on Tron Network.The SYNTHS can be created through staking the (OKS) Oikos Network Token and can be exchanged for one another through Oikos Smart Contracts on Oikos.Exchange. Oikos blcockahin platform allows the creation of SYTHNS which allows others asset's price
easily tracked. Examples include Fiat currencies such as (EUR, GBP, and some other commodities such as Gold (XAG) and Silver(XAU).Oikos network support varieties of
Digital asset including tradable securities such as Amazon, Google, Apple stocks, and more.Multiple trading instruments such as Future, Options CFD, Indices, and many
more. Oikos is a very huge platform which stands as a bridge between the conventional financial market and cryptocurrency industry.
Oikos Exchange offer user friendly and interactive interface where conversions of varieties of SNYTHS can be done. Sythentic form of Fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and commodities are accessible and available for the users in Oikos.Exchange. These SYNTHS are 100% backed by OKS.Oikos platform also consist of Minter which represent a decentralized application that allows OKS holders performing various task in the Oikos Network. Oikos Minters offers clear and interactive platform which enables the platform users to mint and burn Synths, Collaterization ratio management, and collection of fees generated by circulating Synths. It also allows Escrowed OKS token unlocked.


The system of operation in Oikos platform is quite different from the typical cryptocurrency exchanges ecosystem. Oikos represents Synthetic asset creation platform where any user can create new SYNTHS through staking OKS @ 750% Collaterization ratios. To create 100sUSD worth of SYNTHS, users must stake up to $750 worth of OKS.A share of global debts will be assigned to users by issuing new SYNTHS which must be repaid before unlocking the staked tokens. Users personal debts are recalculated each time they issue new SYNTHS or paying back their debts.

Synths holders have a chance to trade SYNTHS directly without any counterpart requirement or incurring
slippage. Exchanges on Oikos are based solely on Spot market rate, as at that time of trade in this case there is no Order book unlike in a typical type of trading. Oikos.Cash created bridge between conventional financial market and Cryptocurrency market.It gives cryptocurrencies holders to gain access to various synthetic assets such as commodities, fiat currencies, and stocks.

OKS token represent an Collateral which backed SYNTHS. They provide 100% backup or Collateral for all syntenthic assets (SYNTHS).The SYNTHS are issued when OKS holders
implements MINTER in staking their OKS token as Collateral.As explained earlier, Minter is a decentralized application (DApp) which enables interactions with the Oikos Contracts. The holders of OKS are rewarded for staking their tokens and minting new SYNTHS. Staking OKS and minting new SYNTHS attracts some kinds of incentives for the holders in the platform. For staking, OKS holders will benefit in the pools of fees generated from SYNTH trades which is 0.3% per trade and benefit from the OKS rewards distributed through the platform Inflationary Monetary Policy. All SYNTHS are mandated to be backed by staked OKS at 750% Collaterization Ratio. Users can manage their own ratio which might even be above the stipulate platform ratio which can be done by burning SYNTHS in other to increase ratio and minting SYNTHS, this will enable them to be eligible to weekly rewards.


Stock code: OKS
Total supply: 100000000

*60% allocated to investors
Private and major sales
*20% allocated to the team
Advisors vesting quarterly for 24 months
*12% is allocated to the foundation,
*12 months per quarter
*5% reserved for partners Incentives
*3% is reserved for bounty and
Marketing incentives
Acceptable currency: TRX


An innovative project backed by a vastly experienced team, they have been able to churn out a good community support project. The team has set ambitious goals with a cross-section of technically savvy individuals with far-reaching pedigree especially in the digital ecosystem.
According to trusted experts in the blockchain space, the team has been quite instrumental to the success of this project. There is indeed no doubt that the objectives they have set out for this project will be met and surpassed.

Making Investments in synthetics is another great plus in the digital assets industry, which is filled with lots of advantages for the users. We already have Oikos platform is at the forefront of this progress and has devised means with the necessary mechanism to ensure that users obtain the best from transactions on digital assets.
All these innovations and systems are working harmoniously adoption. Once achieved as envisaged, it will help improve the digital system and strengthen the world's financial system at large.

For more detailed information, please kindly visit the below links;
Website: https://oikos.cash/
Medium: https://medium.com/@oikoscash
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5243484.0
Github: http://github.com/oikos-cash
Telegram: http://t.me/oikoscash
Twitter: http://twitter.com/oikos_cash
Discord: http://discord.gg/qjuqy6X
Litepaper: https://docs.oikos.cash/litepaper/

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