Unorthodox Way of Using VPN And Tor Networks: Chains

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In this short tutorial I want to show how easy to make vpn chains or vpn+tor chains in mobile devices. All popular articles on internet about vpn chains are mostly based on VM (virtual machine) usage. So I decided to make things more clear cause VMs are not the only way even on desktops. A Bash script called VPNChains can do vpn chains on your Linux desktop without any VM.

In this tutorial we will focuse on mobile devices. Mobile devices have some disadvantages because of their wifi network modules capacity. Thats why in a single device you cant create multiple network interfaces (just a generalization for low level hardware mobile devices). In spite of all the limitations that mobile devices have, its much more easy to make vpn chains on these. You can use not only android OS but also iphone OS (ios only for end device usage) in the process.


Idea is simple. First share your wifi (or GSM data connection) with another device by a wifi repeater application. You can do this in root or nonroot devices without any problem. After you connected them first stage is over. Now make a vpn connection in the first device and this will automatically function also in the second mobile (or desktop) device. So stage two is over. Its time to make the first chain, open a second vpn connection on the second device. Now your second device is on a network protected by two vpn tunnels.

By doing this, you make your first device a station (or lets say vpn protected router) for your second (or for multiple others) device. Security benefit here is you make vpn servers you use deaf and dumb at the same time so they cant exchange important information between each other cause they will be encrypted. One of the oldest security method in human history. One vpn (the one on the first device) knows your IP but doesnt know what you do, other one knows what you do but dont know your IP. So you decrease the risk of trusting vpn servers which you dont own.

The outcome is very similar to a tor network but different also cause imagine you can establish your relays and exit nodes as the way you want. You can improve this architecture by creating your own vpn server and use it instead of a private company or including tor connection together with a vpn. First ring of the chain can be a vpn instead of a tor cause your ISP can see you connecting with tor (unless you use bridges to connect to the tor servers) and this can make you suspicious in different scenarios.


Using vpn chains also good for preventing leak of critical information for example while you download a torrent file if one of the tor or vpn connection is down you dont get connected with your real IP. when one vpn (the second ring vpn) is down you continue to connect with the other one. When the first ring vpn is down you disconnect from internet so no worries for any leakage.

Of course your connection speed will reduce by doing chains but If you have a quite fast internet connection it wont bother you. On the other hand if you dont make a chain but just use a single vpn connection coming from other device, you may notice you have a faster connection cause vpn processing is done by another device and it makes your second device much more free to do its job. This is noticable especially on mobiles with low level hardware.

There are also other benefits for making chains through connection sharing. For example in ios devices tor can only function as a browser. You can not route all your network through your tor connection. But by establishing a tor connection on a station device and sharing that connection with your ios device, it gives you the ability to use tor with all your apps.

So which applications should we use?

Most of the repeater apps (wifi extenders, boosters, repeaters or hotspots) can do the work. There is an open source app called VPN Hotspot on F-Droid which requires root but it makes the job done. Not much open source alternatives so please support VPN Hotspot by using, mentioning and making donations. It has also tethering option but for our purpose repeater function is more than enough. For non rooted devices I didnt come across with any FOSS option but there are alot of closed source applications. I tried NetShare hotspot and wifi repeater. It works under some limitations but it shows the idea is valid. You can try some other apps too. Not much configurations required while using these apps so no need for more details about it.

Happy Chains!

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