Why am I here?

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I read a news article about Reddit today, it’s the 17th most recognized site on the planet, which puts it above Twitter, which is #47 !
The article was about the internet, but it led with this Reddit Quite :

In the beginning, the Internet was a free frontier — a land of openness, creativity and possibility… Then the amusement parks opened. Millions abandoned the frontier, drawn to the glitzy rides and manicured lawns… At first, everyone loved the parks. Until they built walls and billboards. And spied, manipulated, and censored the people.”


This just sealed it for me. That’s why I am here, I feel overwatched, overheard, overruled and over regulated. I am tired of the Bank acting like they are more entitled to my money then I am. Their arrogance and the hubris you can cut with a knife.

I am here seeking censor resistance. I am seeking engagement, interaction, camaraderie and if the stars align wealth!
Nothing is guaranteed, but little in life is guaranteed other the death and taxes, and in that order. I am breaking out of the Magic Kingdom, and taking a chance on the new frontier, the wild Wild West, an American Outlaw of sorts, one of those Bitcoiners.

And I am proud to be out in front of the crowd not yet seen, which we can’t see yet, but we see it’s dust...the telltale sign of a storm on the horizon. It’s coming and it’s arrival is being foretold. A looming disaster or a huge reset and start over.We don’t have enough information, about the coming economic calamity, but the hyperinflation beasts and the sight of unbridled capitalism eating its tail will be a sight to see. Digitalism is coming, digitalism is coming, communism, socialism and capitalism will fall by the way side as the galloping horse of digitalism comes by and either frees us in a Eutopian world of decentralized opportunities or imprisons us in a 1984 authoritarian big brother style Dystopia.


Either way, the current, unsustainable economic system is coming to an end.


dexcuse my ignorance. But when you write "the galloping horse of digital is approaching. Are you referring to the hidden economic processes and procedures in the digital world where nobody has access but ourselves?

Exactly, forgive my typo. I was referring to Digitalism, an economy which is digital and replaces communism, socialism and capitalism with digitalism...

ah, I see. excelente.

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