Cybercrime and cyber security

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Everything in the world is now interconnected apart few of firms, Educational firms, industrial activities, military operations can be accessed by even the common in the society with easy. Government activities, foreign affairs and happening in most part of the world is no longer a secret, This is made possible with the invention of Internet which interconnection of millions of computer. Major business activities is now online.
Many crimes arises from the business activities going on oline and this ranges from buying fake product online paying for service that does not exist, hacking somebody's account, cyber extortion and so on.
All this things collectively is called cybercrime.
Cybercrime has cause a lot of harvoc to world economy. Even in aviation service cybercrimer can hack the whole system and cause damage to human lives. Cybercrime has grown to the level that even your bank account is no longer save. Banks suffer in thier hand as well. Many security measure have been taken to put an end to cybercrime but despite that cybercrimers brings out new tactics for thier illegal act every blessed day.
To secure your account,your wallet address from them don't ever try to reveal your account details to any body or unknown site.
Your account details such ur password, pin, Bvn, username is the power of ur account but once any of them has is been revealed to this fraudster your account is in a big problem.
So everyone should be security conscious to avoid stories that break the heart.thanks for reading.
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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Banks suffer in thier hand as well.
It should be their instead of thier.