What is Cyberbullying? And Steps for Handling It!

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The rapid progress of technology has helped humanity in a variety of ways. But every coin has two sides. Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other, and has definitely brought the world closer. But certain people have unfortunately become a target for cyber bullying which is extremely nefarious in nature.


Cyber bullying refers to the harassment of a person through the mode of technology/ internet. Many people disregard these bullies as trolls and do not give them a second thought. But there are times , when these trolls start to harass the person. There maybe physical threats or they may start spewing hate on a daily basis. These threats should not be taken lightly. Majority of the governments this seriously and even have arrested people who are guilty of cyber bullying.

There’s no escape from cyber bullies they are all over the internet. Even your home is not a safe haven to escape the bullies and this is exactly what makes cyber bullying more of an issue than bullying.

This leads to various sorts of health and psychological issues. The victim starts to question himself/herself about what they’ve done wrong , and why the bully keeps attacking them. This also may lead to a lower self esteem , isolating yourself from the environment and unfortunately clinical depression. Therefore it is imperative to know how to tackle cyber bullying in this day and age.

How to Tackle it?

Block the Bully



This seems like the most effective way to tackle a bully. A bully may follow you on various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram. He/she might just be waiting for your next post so they can attack you. Block the person from all social media applications and block all the hate.

Change your privacy settings


Make sure that random people cannot see your photos and posts. Make sure that only your friends can see your posts. This greatly reduces your chance of being cyber bullied as you share your posts with people who you know and trust.

Confront the bully



If you’ve had enough , and want to know the reason behind the attack. Confront the bully. Ask them why they spend considerable amount of their time in writing and spreading hate. More often that not , they are dealing with their issues and do not have a personal vendetta against you.
If you genuinely are concerned about them try to talk to them, and solve the issue.

Tell your loved ones



People assume that cyber bullying is not an issue, and should be ignored. Therefore they do not take the time to share the issue with their friends, loved ones and parents. But I believe that , one should immediately seek help , when the attack gets personal and on a continuous basis. This will allow you to share your concerns and they can guide you the right way.

Contact the authorities


Sometimes cyber bullying can be an actual threat to someone’s life.

Various bullies may

  • hack your devices , to share your personal data.
  • Physically threaten you
  • Blackmail you for something in return

These threats should not be taken lightly just because they are done by someone from behind the screen. Take valid proof/screenshots and report these threats to the police.

Don’t feed the trolls



Cyber bullies act tough from behind the screen, all they want to do is to start a argument so they can vent their frustrations and anger on someone else. Learn to identify these trolls and ignore them. Sometimes taking the high road is worth it.
I hope , this article gave you a little insight on cyber bullying. If you know someone who is getting cyber bullied and help them!

I hope , this article gave you a little insight on cyber bullying. If you know someone who is getting cyber bullied, take some time and please help them out.

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that mute button is just sitting there
Use it when you feel the need.

I agree, majority of the times dealing with the bullies is not worth it. But when the bullying becomes personal and unfortunately a part of your daily routine, that affects your well being you need to take action.

that action being...mute the sucker..
steemit, or any social media...is the ultimate in 'safe space'...
so the whole concept of CyberBully is bogus.
no one knows who you are or where you are at...
if you ARE that stoopid..


It maybe a single person , or a group of people. Muting or blocking should be the first step. But sometimes the bullying never stops. Making alt accounts is not that hard.

what if I told you that homeschooling is best?
for that reason and many others?

Mute the fools