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Kaspersky Lab finds the spyware named Skygofree, and this tool is the most powerful espionage tools that exist for Android, the most powerful company ever found. Which has been active since 2014, and when this app installed into your android system, it can collect your pictures, videos and more data file from your android smartphone.

Watching Your Whatsapp


We know WhatsApp is made with encryption (end to end), the exploit app can still read the message. Exploiting Accessibility Services in android and read the content display in messaging service app. Another exploit was never found before is the feature of spyware. Is by peering at a victim when in a particular location.

The fake web are also created to deceive the victim when he is off guard by pretending to be a service provider site and forcing the victim to install the spyware app with the words

"Download the update now and keep on navigating at maximum speed!" .

listed on the page of the site.

Made by The Company


This app is not created by cyber criminals but is made by Italian surveillance cyber-based companies, because the term "Negg" was recorded as a Rome-based company.

So far the related companies have not provided clarification or comment regarding Kaspersky Lab's findings, according to the Newegg website, is a cybersecurity company developed for smartphone devices.
Until now, Kaspersky Lab still refrained from saying that the company was the culprit behind the spyware APK.
but the spyware is allegedly used as a product for "Offensive" security.

The development team may also have seen the traces of the hacking team, other companies in Italy that are known to sell technology products specifically for government and law enforcement.

Fortunately, this spyware only penetrates consumers in Italy, and maybe we have never found Skygofree spyware because it is exclusively developed in Italy, claims Kaspersky Lab.

However, this sophisticated code is very dangerous if it is spread in the world so if in the wrong hands this code can make our privacy tinged with spyware which was originally only developed for companies and based in Italy.

Advice from blog linuxers do not install apps from sites that are not clear, such as animated advertisements that make eyes hurt with the words "Download" in it or anything else. And make sure your device is safe from spyware by installing an antivirus that is useful for detecting spyware.

Make sure your device is safe from spying crime.


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It's possible that it was the company or a hijack occurred. The trouble with mobile is underlying security and this isn't something that can be patched with software. I suggest everyone who uses mobile read the DHS findings and then consider whether you want to continue using mobile.