Does this mean someone was hacking my account?????

in #cyber5 years ago

Ok, so a couple seconds ago I'm reading this guys blog and attempting to comment something helpful. Then all this stuff pops up! What the heck??? I'm a programming non-savant lol a dinosaur from the "Oregon Trail in green type" days! This makes me nervous, did this old ass HP laptop accidentally stumble on something cool? If so how do I use it lol and find it again, because my computer rebooted itself shortly after I took the pic about 30 seconds after my heart started racing when this alien cypher popped up!


I believe you hit a button combination used for debugging, and viewing the coding. That's not what would happen if you got hacked -- I'll go find the key combination for how to recreate.
I just realized you're using firefox, I don't so I found the webpage that provides all the shortcuts for you.
Hope this helps, and puts your mind at ease (I accidently did this to I.E. at work lol)

I appreciate your time! Maybe I should take a class or really rent a kid to explain this to me! I really want to be involved, but I'd deff feel more comfortable if I understood how the hell it all works! It took me a whole day to figure out how to embed pics and that doesn't always come out right lol