My Support to @surpassinggoogle

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Hello good morning.

Steemit made me live again.There is life in Steemit as we earned steem and steem dollars which is one of those existence of cryptocurrencies.I never knew what crypto was?Until I joined steemit three months ago,I learned Bitcoin is real and there are lots on it.

Here I am @olivia08 support my mentor @surpassinggoogle for us all

Prior to the initiative and request of our mentor @surpassinggoogle I decided to make this to support not only for him but for the sake of all steemit users most especially the Filipinos.Through his effort to implore steem and sbd include in and,this will be an easy way to access quickly the value of our earning without a huge charges implemented.I am so sorry if I am wrong because I am not expert about this as I observed how many times I went on my cash out.Maybe through this way it could help us most especially to the people like me who are making cash out all the time my little amount of earnings.

One thing in common to my steemit life,I never mind the low value for today unless I earned and I feed my family instantly If given by chance that I could have more than enough save a little part,Only God knows for it.

My gratitude to all my mentors and steemit for giving me chance to be with myself today.

Proof of my little earnings withrawal without hesitant to the low value.
I felt blessed with this blessing coming in my way of living so I thank and praise you Lord


If there is no steemit, lenders are happy to get my hard working interest.

Please I encourage you all to come in the open to support this initiative,try to give living testimony how it goes to our lives,how we need to have it

Thats all I can do for today..
Keep steeming to the high level.

Voted @steemgigs as my witness
@surpassinggoogle as my proxy

*Support @teardrops smt token

Loving you,


Well done, that's a huge achievement. I still haven't pulled any funds out of Steemit yet. But definitely will soon when I need to buy a new camera. :D

Good job te.. I am also planning to contribute with it

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Hello po nay ang tamang tags i believe are these:
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Ay mali pala salamat ann i edit ko

steemit will rise more
Just patience

Yes Sir we will become rich slowly dont be in a hurry jejeje

Kumusta olivia! :) truly nice little post.. glad to have u here on steemit and that it can be so good for u..

im following u now and upvoted.

Ok lang ako sirsalamay sa follow at upvote