Supporting Steem /SBD To Include in & to Cx.Coins.Asia: A Great Movement of Sir Terry For All Steemians

in cxcoinsasia-steem •  2 years ago 

Hi everyone, i am @alamin17 . I am here to very support Mr.terry A.K.A @surpassinggoogle in his initiative to include steem/sbd in wallet and we can directly use our Steem/Sbd for our faster transactions without any problem. very amazing platform and also to mr. Terry for this work and always supporting steemians

Sir Terry's Campaign: Please Help Me Gather 200 Videos About Steem/Steemit, That We Will Take To And To Implore Them To Add Steem & SBD. (for users)
Here's some of Steemians made of their video's to support Sir Terry: A Peak Into The 200 Videos About Steem/Steemit That We Are Gathering To Take To And To Implore Them To Add Steem & SBD. (for users).

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