Noriko & Ponyo in the Garden

in cute •  7 months ago

Here is a short but cute cat video of my Noriko and his brother Ponyo who belongs to my sister @helle

Today is warm and sunny so the cats are pretty warm in their thick fur, however that does not stop them from exploring the great outside. Ponyo even decided to eat some grass.

We wish you all a happy day

With Love

-Ponyo & Noriko-

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Haha, they are adorable :D and you dont need a lawnmower anymore Camilla, Ponyo does the job for you :D

Cats are two very beautiful, what is their name?

I see your cat video
So cute cat image

Awwww,cat looks so pretty. 😍😍😍
Awesome post.☺
Amazing photography and beautiful capture.
Very well articulated
Nice content
Excellent job.

please check out my post once🤗💙

Thanks @camilla for sharing this post.

the cat is very beautiful and cute

Ponyo even decided to eat some grass.

That shows a lot of excitement about a beautiful day out in the field .
Cute cats I must confess

Pretty awesome post. ☺
Brilliant photography and Stupendous article.

Thanks @camilla for sharing.

Upvoted & resteemed your post.

aawwwhh such cute cats they are so lovely @camilla

Så store de er blitt, ser ut som de enda er litt skeptisk til utelivet :)

Å dem et så søt de to kattepusene, og de har det virkelig flott i hagen hos dere😻🌸

a cute and cute cat @camilla

beautiful cats ❤️

The cutest kitties 😍Looks like they are happy to be outside!! Love the little video of them

Cute cats Camilla :-)

I enjoy the video of Ponyo & Noriko @Camilla
It looks like these cats have fun in your garden.
On the video, I saw that Poneo both playing with the grass and also tried to eat some of it. Both cats have an excellent time here in your beautiful garden.

Best regards

Funny cats) I agree with the phrase that "without a cat, your life is bad"))). They are special animals that give smiles and love.

So cute cat. But why they eat grass not Moses hehehe. Thanks for sharing @camilla. Have great days.

Two sisters and two brothers are having some wonderful fun in the sun! Ponyo is such a grass-eater, just like Una :)
Meaows for you all, guyzzz! 🐱

Cute cats, lets be friends....following you.

so so cuts, cat, video is excellent dear

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