What is CustomCoin Project?

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What is CustomCoin Project?

СustomCoin Platform is a platform for construction companies which is located in Switzerland. It will connect customers with contractors. And it is the first one in which settlements in the crypto-currency are conducted. The main difference from other platforms is the possibility of obtaining loans for construction materials, equipment and machinery - instead of tokens!


Custom Coin Platform will deal with crediting of small construction business in Switzerland. Monitoring compliance with the conditions of the contract. In addition, Custom Coin Platform is the labor exchange for firms and the placement of the order to the investor.

CustomCoin Mission:

Today construction is one of the key branches of economy in any developed country. In Europe the situation in the construction market is characterized by readiness of the population and business to invest in real estate construction, repair, reconstruction, etc. Advanced technologies in building and finishing of construction can significantly affect the standard of living of the population. Investments in the construction industry will ensure the expansion, reproduction and maintenance of capital.

So we have decided to start a project to develop the construction industry in Western Europe. And we are starting with Switzerland.

Why Switzerland? It's simple, because Switzerland is in a convenient geographical location, perfectly integrated economy, rare loyalty to investors, support of investment projects. All these are favorable conditions for business development. This is one of a few countries that practically hasn't suffered from the global financial crisis, it is a country with a high standard of living and great opportunities.

Investments in Switzerland are strongly supported at the tax and legislative levels. It provides a simple registration procedure according to European standards, low tax rates and small social payments.

The construction industry in this country has traditionally been a benchmark for the introduction of advanced technologies, professionalism and reliability.

CustomCoin Features:

Search of the employee or the employer: This is a regular Bulletin Board linking small construction companies with the customer or an employee with an employer.An important condition will be that all calculations will be implemented in the tokens of the platform. The function of freezing the token for the term of the contract is provided .
Rental, sale of construction tools and equipment: The main feature will be that the guarantee of rent will be a token of the platform. The renter will leave a deposit of the required amount of tokens in the intermediary account
. Later, the platform will cooperate with similar structures-rentals, providing equipment for fiat money. Our customers can deposit their tokens on our platform and rent tools and equipment from third-party companies.
The settlements in the tokens platform: It provides for the possibility of get salaries in the platform tokens, as well as payments between firms and individual entrepreneurs with the possibility of withdrawing them into fiat money, respecting to the tax laws of the States in which they work.
Function of intermediary between the contractor and the customer: The platform will be able to give a loan for construction works. The guarantee for CustomCoin will be a Deposit of 15 %, as well as the existence of a contract between the parties. It will require a preliminary check of the borrower for the good execution of previous orders. The loan must not more than EUR 50 000.
Loans granted: The Site will provide loans in fiat money for platform tokens at a certain percentage. Terms: transfer to Visa or Mastercard without verification up to EUR1000 per month, with verification - depending on the borrower's income level.
Cryptocurrency exchange: On the platform will open the possibility of exchanging the CustomCoin token for Ethereum and Bitcoin, later we will add other cryptocurrencies.

Why will the token grow?

As we have already noted, all settlements on the site will be carried out in CustomCoin tokens.Customers will pay with tokens for placing ads, and after signing the contract for construction service. For a successful transaction, the customer will be charged a fee - up to 200 euros in tokens. Construction firms will take loans for building materials up to 150,000 francs as a Deposit for tokens in the amount of 15 % of the loan amount. The Deposit will be the earnings of the platform. The acquisition and rental of equipment will also be carried out for the platform tokens. All this will lead to a purchasing of tokens from the exchange.

We will not sell the returned tokens on the exchange until the token price will be increase in two times. The platform will do everything to increase the price of the token on the stock exchange - this is your and our benefit. So that use the services of the platform, the client will have to buy tokens on the stock exchange (where they will be available after the ICO) and transfer them to his account on the platform.





Token Sales Detail:

Token sale will be carried out in two stages: Pre-sale and Main Sale. At the first stage of pre-sale, tokens will be sold at a discount of 15% of the basic value of the token.

Contributions from 1.0 to 50.0 Ethereum. Unsold tokens, if any, will burn. The platform will not have a token and it will be possible to check it in our open source smart contract. The income from Pre-sale will be aimed at creating a platform and resolving legal issues. Main-Sale will be held immediately after the start of work on the platform's website. After that, thetoken will be in a short time on one of the stock exchange.

After the ICO, all tokens of the platform will become the property of investors.

To participate in the initial sale, the investor will have to create an account and leave his application for the purchase of tokens there.

Token Name: CC

Goal of funding (Soft cap): 2.500.000 USD

Goal of funding (Hard cap): 12.000.000 USD

Tokens for sale: 89.000.000 CC

Token price: 1 CC = 0.0004 ETH

Minimum purchase: 1 CC

Maximum purchase: 50 CC

Airdrop program: No

Bounty program: Yes

White paper: Open

Currencies: ETH, BTC

Platform: Ethereum

For more information:

Website: https://ccnowpro.com/

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10dXCR28I23gQJXTjvcRw7Pimy0dyaZvI/view

Telegram: https://t.me/ICO_CustomCoin_Platform

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CustomcoinP

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ICOCustomCoin

Vk: https://vk.com/icocustomcoin

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