My Poem on Love and Obsession

in currie •  2 years ago  (edited)

Love is a beautiful thing
It exudes the passion for a thing
It doesn't mind having or not having anything
It is powered by sacrifice and no other thing
And its much more than a simple fling
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Here comes a cross between love and obsession
Where the participants wants more than a session
Of time,care and persuasion
From the one with whom they share their passion
Trying to do more work and function

No time with them seems enough
You feel like you want to zoom off
And spend the rest of your life in a gulf
Far from any distractions and crough
That might take them from you though

You feel you owe him everything
You can give all, not holding back anything
Ensure you provide him with everything
In order not to miss his love by anything
Even your sacrifice without relenting

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You did wonderfully well for a starter, i love that you maintain your stanza throughout and you did well with your rhymes.. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem.

thank you so much dear

This is great,.... I love your style.......
I think I owe you 1sbd.... Lol

yaaaaay; while sending, dont bother adding memo, i dont want to bother you too much... lolz

Nice poem dear, thanks for sharing

thanks dear

Written with experience

you know shaa

My dear....this poem is not from an amateur in poetry work as you said...
This poem is amazing ....bravo!

oh my so blushing. thanks mum

Well scripted, Diana i did not know you were such an exquisite poet

awwnnn, am blushing


Thank you for sharing. I have upvoted your post and resteem it to my followers. This is to support you on this community


thanks baby

I love this!

thanks boss, am glad you did

For a first, this is really nice. The rhymes and steady rhythm were on point 💯.
You did well, dear😉

Beautifully crafted dear. Your rhyming is more than a simple fling.

I love the rym

This is so cool, it can be made into a song, you can contact @julietisrael for consultation.

Like seriously??

This is beautiful babe
Very beautiful....

I'm impressed

Nice, keep it up and make it a little lengthy, so ocd can resteem it

Beautifully crafted dear.. 👍👍

Nice poem