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RE: STEEM is not a Cryptocurrency!!

in #currency-assets3 years ago

I agree with you I feel like I get my salary as stocks + cash. I believe in buying and holding STEEM for long term investment as I see it like I would live out of dividends of this 'stock'. I can change cash 'SBD' to play around in the markets and buy some other types of cash. IN the long run holding stocks is what will pay off your retirement.


How could holding lots of Steem help you in a retirement? (Legit question, I'm curious)

Well, if you hold enough STEEM you will be rewarded with lots of curation specially invested in Steem power. If you want you can delegate on someone else and your SP will keep growing, there is also some interest you can earn (not sure of the exact amount) but you can also fill lease requests or sell votes in minnowbooster.