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RE: STEEM is not a Cryptocurrency!!

in #currency-assets3 years ago (edited)

Wheeewwww!! Let's add this to the list of things I didn't know. I really thought that SBD was backed by something, since it says "Steem Backed Dollars" or something like that.

I'll have to reread the bits about registering companies and businesses because it's complicated stuff. But now I see that this can be a complex task once one gets to a certain level of income. Thanks for the many clarifications. It's certainly worthwhile!


Actually you can find yourself there with relatively small investments. Buy or get rewarded with Steem Dollars at current prices and when it hits $50 this year most of us will have a tax liability of immense proportions

:O Is that so? Where are you from? What is the minimum limit for paying taxes?