Useful Feeling Curiosity

in curiosity •  7 months ago 

Curiosity is a very deep and important issue. Rather than the fear and pressure seen in traditional families, this lack of emotion is seen in children growing up. They don't question or question anything.


I look and it hurts. Small children spend their lives on psychologists in the world. Yes, some of our children may have major problems or discomforts, but many of them live in prison because of their parents.

If the child is too mobile or immediately becomes very naughty or hyperactive he lips off unnecessarily. Parent! Your child is just wondering, wondering!


Whatever the family elders and the surrounding environment say, everything is in that way. Even when this child is an individual, he has no idea. Which school will go, which profession will do. Who will marry, how many children, where to buy a house, etc.

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