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First of all, we would like to thank all those who have given us their support and accompanied us along this arduous path of growth, participation and art!

It's been almost 6 months since the beginning of this wonderful project carried out by @zaxan and the constant collaboration of many great artists of the steem blockchain such as @aidarojaswriter, @exzorltg, @dreamsaboutcats, @jauregui98, @melaniesaray, @jorgeddln, @juandvg and @jwilhelm87 as well as the support of @miguelvargas, @unicornia, @marcelim, @heibert210, @majo1989, @johannfrare, @ilazramusic, as well as we thank our beloved community of Spanish-speaking artists, which we have filled with many activities willing to grow and support this subcommunity within the blockchain that continues to grow day by day and demonstrating that their work has value.

In these months the community has grown a lot and today we can say that we are more than 1000 users in our discord server, application that like many, we use for the interaction between the steemians and in which we seek to provide forms of participation beyond healing and voting, so every day we seek to expand and get support for each of our activities receive a greater reward with which to reward the effort and participation of these artists.

What is the ark?

" The Ark " works as a creative impulse for all the Hispanic artists who live in the community, always from the point of view of the coexistence and the mutual learning. The project was born in Venezuela from the need to disseminate art and create a space that serves to consolidate the spread of the same within the community of Steemit users and in turn to bring this art to a social environment in communities outside the blockchain. You can read a little more on: link.

As targets we have:

  • Reward users' efforts through community activities.
  • Serve as a platform for creativity and the arts in Steemit.
  • Create a space for coexistence and learning between artists and art lovers.
  • Promote artistic content within and outside the Steemit community.
  • Cure Hispanic artistic content.

Our mission:

"The ark" appears inviting users, willing to lend a space for cultural exchange and creative development, taking the best of Steemit as a platform to explore the content, as well as to be rewarded through it.

Our vision:

The project aims to provide support to users of the steem blockchain who focus on the artistic field. As a community we want to be able to carry out various activities that promote the participation of users and reward them through them.

2. How much support are you looking for per month for the two-month period?

We believe that with the support of 100 STEEM we could distribute the rewards in the framework of activities carried out in the community.

3. How will this support be used?


  • Museion: works as an interview format in which we get a little closer to these emerging artists within steemit and we give them a space in our blog where in turn we reward them with 90% of the liquid reward according to the payout that the publication may have.

Last post: @juandvg un arquitecto muy "disperso" | Museion X, "Soy un demente" @ilazramusic | Museion IX.

El Arca - The Ark --elarca- — Steemit 9-9-2018 5-42-28 p- m-.png

1 Artist per week = 4 Artists per Month = 4 monthly rewards.

Current Reward = 0.4 STEEM PER WEEK = 1.6 STEEM PER MONTH.

Expected Reward = 5 STEEM PER WEEK = 20 STEEM PER MONTH.


  • Recital de Poesía: is an activity that takes place on the server of " The Ark " in discord every Monday at 9 PM Venezuelan time, which invites users to share their most recent verses embodied in Steemit and make interpretation of them before all listeners.

Last post: Recital de Poesia | Reporte de Actividad #05, Recital de Poesia | Reporte de Actividad #04.

3 Winners per week = 12 per Month.

Current Reward = 1st Place: 0.35 STEEM, 2nd Place: 0.25 STEEM, 3rd Place: 0.15 STEEM. 0.75 STEEM PER WEEK = 3 STEEM PER MONTH.

Expected Reward = 1° Place: 3 STEEM, 2nd Place: 2 STEEM, 3° Place: 1 STEEM. 6 PER WEEK = 24 STEEM PER MONTH.


  • Dale al Micro: is an activity that takes place on the server of "the ark" in discord every Friday at 10 PM Venezuelan time, which invites users to share in a space of fun and karaoke.

Last post: Dale al Micro | Reporte de Actividad #04, Dale al Micro | Reporte de Actividad #03.

4 Winners per week = 16 per Month.

Current Reward = 4 Prizes of 0.2 STEEM = 0.80 STEEM PER WEEK = 3.2 STEEM PER MONTH.

Expected Reward = 4 Prizes of 2 STEEM = 8 STEEM PER WEEK = 32 STEEM PER MONTH.


  • Interprets reality: although it is one of the most recent activities, this contest is the first one carried out for the participation of plastic artists of our community which invites them to create art according to established themes and to shape it making use of one of the Dapp of the blockchain called @elegance.

Last post: Concurso, Interpreta la realidad en elegance.

Last reward given = 1° Place: 2.748 STEEM, 2nd Place: 1.145 STEEM, 3° Place: 0.687 STEEM. = 4.58 STEEM.

Expected Reward = 1° Place: 3 STEEM, 2° Place: 2 STEEM, 3° Place: 1 STEEM. 6 STEEM PER WEEK = 24 STEEM PER MONTH.

With these activities we seek to give recognition, visibility and rewards to many artists whose art may go unnoticed within the blockchain.

Currently the way to reward the participants of these activities is through the payout generated from the previous week's activity report. Based on them, the most outstanding users of the activity are rewarded for their effort and dedication during the current week. The higher the payout of the previous report, the higher the reward of the week. Currently these payouts are possible thanks to the support of witness @steempress, which has allowed us to enter into his whitelist, his vote is the main benefactor to reward the artists who make life in the project and deserve a contribution from us for such wonderful work.

Table of total distribution of estimated rewards.

Rewarded activitiesExpense per activityActivities per monthTotal Expense
Museion5 STEEM420 STEEM
Poetry Recital6 STEEM424 STEEM
Karaoke Dale al Micro8 STEEM432 STEEM
Interprets reality6 STEEM424 STEEM

Other community activities and publishing:

  • Artistic podcasts: are activities that allow users to listen to live broadcasts in which people specializing in an artistic branch share their experiences based on specific topics for each week, once these podcasts are made is usually a summary of it in our blog.

  • Codex: is a editorial that seeks to encourage learning around artistic themes, thus bringing each week new research for the growth of community artists.

  • Antología: is a editorial destined to the recognition of the artistic work of emblematic characters outside the blockchain with which every week the users can learn from their art and feel inspired to the experimentation inside their creative process.

  • Partenón: It is a gallery with the best artistic publications of the week in which priority is given to all those publications that under standards of quality, presentation and originality are able to demonstrate to be exceptional within the Hispanic community. These publications are voted by our project and recommended to healing projects to be supported by them.

4. Approximately how many users participate in your community or contest?

The community has more than 1000 users of which usually participate depending on the type of activity between 10 to 30 people. This considering that these users work in different types of art.

5. How will supporting your community or contest help the Steem community grow?

The artists are a very large social group within the blockchain of steem, they create daily infinity of content framed in one of the 7 artistic slopes, many of these works of art tend to be poorly rewarded or passed high even when they have been done in an impeccable manner. Our goal is to provide forms of entertainment and reward to these artists who through our community interact, share and feel appreciated for their efforts in a more humane way which in turn makes them want to build community and not abandon the work and effort within the blockchain.

EXTRA: Linked projects:

@capsula: born as an appendix to the @elarca Project to create an environment for artistic dissemination, making use of visual and sound elements for presentation, in this space we seek to carry out radio programs, reports, short films, video arts and other related content using the talent of users inside and outside steem, inviting in turn to participation and creation through the blockchain. More info: Capsule.

@stellae: One of the most important purposes of the blockchain is to curate content and is something we have not been doing because it is not our main objective, however Stellae was born as a project team aimed at curing the content of it to allow self-sustainability of our activities in the future and in turn allow us to cure the content of the many artists who make life in the community. More info: Stellae curation team.

What goals do we have for the future?

  • Self-sustainable growth: in the future we expect to have a considerable amount of Steem power which will enable the self-sustainability of the project through curations via @stellae to the main account publications, which allows the payment of contests and activities inside and outside the steem blockchain.

  • Create more spaces and activities within the community: we receive proposals of many types to carry out activities within our project, however not all can be done at the same time. The project is still small and we are growing gradually so it is necessary to study and consider how to make such proposals.

  • Partenón: not only do we want this section to function as a gallery of the best publications of the week. With partenon we also seek to talk about these publications and open a discussion forum where users can select which are the most outstanding works. We also want to be able to cure the contents published every Wednesday in this editorial with a percentage of vote that really represents the effort of these authors, or in that sense we seek to have the possibility of curing them with a direct vote of some curator of the steemit community.

  • Audiovisual productions: as we describe, capsule is a space for artistic entertainment. Currently it works as a channel for retransmission of radio programs carried out in the community of discord making use of @dlive. We want to be able to give visibility to artists both internal and external to steemit making use of this section and taking advantage of the tools that the blockchain has provided for this purpose. Therefore, one of our goals is to bring to this space the different types of art making use of audiovisual media.

  • Social Art: steemit must evolve to reach more people who want to be part of it. One of the things we have studied and intend to do in the near future is to be able to unite steemit artists with their environment and be able to offer them sponsorship so that their art is seen, felt and heard in the society to which they belong. In this way we want not only that these artists have perhaps their first concert, their first gallery, their first paintings, their first play or their first book published, we also want to make known to the world that steemit is a platform that allows support to these unknown artists and thus more people in Latin America decide to venture into it and learn from the different existing projects on the advantages that this can bring to their lives.

We hope to have the support of the entire @curie team and hope to continue creating and supporting the Hispanic artist community within the blockchain. Greetings to all. If you have any questions we ask @randomwanderings to contact @zaxan through their discord user: Zaxan [The Ark Project]#9956.

Si quieres ayudarnos a crecer te invitamos a apoyarnos por medio de alguna de las siguientes acciones.
If you want to help us grow, you can do so through any of the following actions:

Más sobre el proyecto. | More about the project.

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it's beautiful to see how big and solid this project has grown, and deserves all the support it can be given. This project is a place where artists can meet and surely feel like a home in steemit the platform

excelente, las actividades integradas con el discord son muy buenas, así como el último concurso de arte que realizaron, esperamos que reciban el apoyo.


Muchísimas gracias a todo el equipo de @celfmagazine. Esperamos verlos participar en esta iniciativa de Curie y que ustedes también puedan recibir apoyo en el excelente trabajo que están desempeñando por la comunidad. El esfuerzo y dedicación con el cual apoyan a los artistas en general es algo digno de admirar.

the project is becoming more solid, it is incredible to see how every day more and more people come together and we are just growing; I hope this project receives all the merit and support it deserves

I really love this project, this family, it's an honor to be part of this.

Me encanta este proyecto, espero siga creciendo. Nos vemos el lunes en Noches de poesía.

This project is one of the BEST and more serious Spanish-speakers communities within the platform, they need the support, so much people support and LOVE them for the work that they're doing to help artist to grow up from the beginning and this family can be an awesome impulse to every person that trust in them.

This project is so interesting and i know with all my heart that deserves the support of everyone in this platform.

More than promoting, supporting and extending arts in the steem blockchain, it became in this short time not just an option among this vast "sea", the staff is commited to improve everyday, offering fresh and continuity in formative and leisure activities. Hope this project works as a non-stopping artistic-machine.

El arca, funciona como una casa gigante de amigos que se apoyan, en donde se planean juegos de salón y para salir al jardín a jugar como niños, pero conocerse, crecer y apoyarse <3

this community is amazin and desevers all the support it can get to continue to do amazing things!

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El proyecto, tiene una gran cantidad de artístas que enseñan el perfecto talento que tienen, siempre he pensado que es un buen proyecto (bueno desde que lo conocí) aunque aún no he podido entrar en ningún podcast, sé que hacen un gran trabajo, sigan así. Love <3