Love is all I have for you!!!

in #curie6 years ago (edited)

It's been ages I haven't seen you my beloved,
My eyes have now died in the wait of my beloved


This wait to catch one glimpse of my beloved never seems to end, it looks like an unending battle within. The struggle is so difficult that it sometimes chokes my breath and my heart starts to thump with indefinite power leaving me gasping and bemused.


The life keeps on testing my patience but all inside I feel like a very fragile soul which is almost on the verge of break.

It's like a poor mirror which only needs a touch of your fingers to scatter it's soul in your passion, though the numbness is still languishing for your holy touch to let it go and wander in the lust of your bewilderness.

My soul desires for your unending and immortal touch, touch that refreshes my soul, takes away all the rust of heart and make it fly in the ecstacy of your breath.


This passion is so wanting and tempting, that I want to make a home in the periphery of your love where no boundaries let us divide, where we all are together and fly like birds under the shadow of sky.


The world where no human is superior to other. A life where the same water takes away my thirst as yours, where the same Colors make me smile as yours. The place where I can hold your hands with only love and with immense admiration, where their is no fear to lose you, to stay away from you.


I see a home for us and it's here. Look around and doesn't this amaze you, doesn't it let go all the hatred and anger, doesn't it make you loot at me, smile at me. Hold my hands, let's make this journey together, with no fear but only love.


Let this sky be our guardian and this earth be our carpet. Let these trees hold us together and let these meadows sing a lullaby for us. Would you stay than with me and promise me to never leave. Stay in my arms forever and forever.


Together you and me will make this a better place, a place where love is the religion and smile is the color of human race.


A place where nature is our home filled with immense love and blessings. Hold my hand my beloved, let me take you to this immortal journey of love and peace.


All photos belong to my native place Kashmir

Camera: 3200D


Kashmir looks like a wonderful place, stunning landscapes and nature. Good photos keep it up!

Thanx mate :)

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