Rememberance of the most striking impressions of Stuttgart through photography vol.2 (museums)

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Hello, dear Steemians!

I continue my story about what I liked in Stuttgart.

As I said in the previous post, my brother and I visited several museums. I love to visit museums and I can say that these museums delight me. If you come to Stuttgart, be sure to visit these museums, you will not regret it.


Landesmuseum Württemberg

I personally left this museum breathless, and that's why I'll mention it first. It's a historical museum. Exposed exhibits include a period from prehistory to the middle and second half of the 20th century. In my photos you can see only a fraction of what is in this museum. We visited him for four hours. It was incredible for me to see something so old in front of me (especially when the prehistory and the time of ancient Rome were in question). It was one of the better experiences. You can also buy a book in the souvenir store that contains everything in the museum on the second floor (which includes a regular collection located on the second floor of the museum). I gladly bought that book.










Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History

Another great museum. As far as I understand, the second part of the collection can be seen in another building that is a little farther away, but unfortunately we did not arrive to visit another building. In this museum you can see skeletons of prehistoric animals, parts of skeletons of prehistoric people, to homo sapiens, as well as modern animals. You can also see certain plants. I was thrilled. I will start with a photo on which I am with a very old ancestor (and mine and your ancestor).








Haus der Musik - Fruchtkasten am Schillerplatz

The museum of musical instrument is really cute. You can see various old instruments. In addition to each instrument, there is a code, before visiting the museum you can take a small appliance into which you type a specific code, and you can hear the instrument sounding under that code. On the third floor there is a music lab and you can try playing experimental instruments.





Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

There is much to be seen in this museum, for everyone's taste. One part of this museum's collection delighted me, and some works of art were not in my taste, so I skipped them. Otto Dixa's exhibition of paintings it’s what I liked the most. Do not mind that I mostly photographed his works. I always thought he was a great artist and I was glad to see his work live for the first time .






Also, in this place you can also find works of art for everyone's taste. You can see great works by artists such as Max Beckmann, Pablo Picasso, one painting of Salvador Dali, as well as the works of many other artists (even Otto Dix, again). Great feeling, really.





These museums are in the center of Stuttgart, you can not miss them (Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History is a bit farther away from the center).
Thank you for stopping by.
Have a nice evening.


Although I lived near Stuttgart for several years I haven't seen one of this places.

But I would like add some destinations for your next visit.


Castel Solitude

This is a place to best visit in autumn, there is the "Solitude Allee" comprising of many chestnut trees.

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Ludwigsburg Palace

Big baroque style palace lot' of things to see..

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the garden around the palace is named "Blühendes Barock"(Baroque in Bloom). In the summer it is a blooming garden and in autumn you will see there a contest of the greatest pumpkins.

Thank you. :)

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