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One of my strengths in photography is macro photography, and within it, high-speed photography of water drops. Today I want to let you know some basic aspects of my experience in this photography field.

  • Basic equipment: camera, macro lens or magnifying lens, tripod, external flash or build in camera flash, dropper or a transfusion system.

  • Choose the background for your photo: be creative and fun, remember that the chosen image is what will give life to your drop.

  • Use a suitable container to contain the water, it must be full to the brim.

  • Due to the refraction of the light, the background should be placed inverted so that it is seen in a normal position inside the drop.

  • You must focus on the exact point where the drop of water will fall. You can use a pencil to facilitate the focus and remember to focus on manual mode.

  • Finally, you must have a lot of concentration to visually synchronize the fall of the drop with the manual shooting of the camera. My camera setting is: f / 11-16; 1/125 sec; ISO 200. External flash: 1/128.

Today I want to share with you my experience doing high speed photography of water drops. You do not need to have a large arsenal of equipment and accessories, only your camera and a lot of desire to learn. I really hope you enjoy this ppost and that it may be useful to encourage you to explore other fields within photography.


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Wow, thank you so much for supporting my work in Steemit.

Hi juancarlos1175,

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Thank yoy so much for supporting my work in Steemit Community.

I love your water droplet photography, @juancarlos1175! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. :)

Thank you so much my friend.

Of course! :)

Of course! :)

Wow...amazing work.. :)

Thank you so much my friend.

Que maravilha! Parabéns Juan pelo excelente trabalho. Abraço!

This is one of the coolest things I have seen on this site. What a great idea to capture the inverted images in the water droplets. Badass, man.

Thank you so much my friend.

aqui visitando tu tercer post de hoy muy buenos

Genial mi pana, te felicito bro!! Te deseo muchos éxitos!

Muchas gracias mi Pana, ahí vamos, para adelante.

Felicidades hermano me alegra mucho saberlo!! un abrazo!

Muchas gracias Juan. Un abrazo.

Santo Dios a eso llamo yo paciencia esfuerzo y dedicación. Que bellas combinaciones tienes.

Muchas gracias Galberto. Así es, hacer esto requiere mucha paciencia, esfuerzo y dedicación, particularmente porque yo lo hago todo de forma manual, pero bueno, los resultados valen la pena. Saludos.

wow lo mejor que he visto en Steemit. Ya podemos decir bien lo que significa post de calidad, asombroso amigo, te seguiré de cerca porque espero ver mucho más como esto

Muuuuchas gracias Daniel, gracias por tu apoyo.

Dude, very nice work!!! I upvoted but my power even after posting for 10 months is garbage. Very well done :-) A++++

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