LEVEL UP! (Illustration + experience)

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March 05, 2019.

Today I would like to share with you an illustation I did yesterday . Let's talk about it. Since I started to draw digitally I used Artrage, cuz a friend used it and I fell in love with it (not my friend, the program) I know photoshop, but for some reason I never use it. Even knowing that it's the best tool to illustrate, even I had friends (illustrators/as) who were thick and thin with this program. However I felt so comfortable with Artrage, I learned to handle it over time, to know it and find out; I’ve lost count of doodles that were born thanks to Artrage. Luckily I have it installed, so there was nothing to stop me. My idea was to do a self portrait, to relate to what I’ve been feeling these past few days, with humor and tenderness, so this came up!
To this result I used two brushes that come already predetermined in the program, one for the outline and letters, the other to fill (pencil graphite and charcoal) The choice of color was almost intuitive, I know this is an error, but I must work on it( I Promise)

↑↑ first sketches ↑↑

otro día esquivando la dictadura con firma.png

Finish illustration (with colour and details)

↑↑And finally a gift for u ↑↑

✽✽✽✽✽ I hope u like it ✽✽✽✽✽

I Almost forgot. Please remember, everybody LOVES photoshop

ps corazon.JPG


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