My Anniversary Post! Late!

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I joined Steemit three years ago in JUNE. I am late on this anniversary post. With the pandemic May & June, flew by. I got PUA Which is pandemic unemployment assistance. Only can get if you have covid or are caring for someone who does. I was/am caring for my Mom.

I've read contracting COVID19 will change you forever. Recovered people get strange feelings, etc..

Anyway onto the good stuff, yes, I have been a Steemian for over three years! Mostly a regular poster/ curator. Lately not so much because of the afore mentioned issues.

@lauralemons turned me on to steemit. I honestly thought it was probably just a scam but she convinced me. My very FIRST post made over $300! It was called "The executioner's tale" and it was my take on a recent documentary about death row in Texas. I would post a link but, I searched and searched and couldn't find it. It's uncool I can't find my intellectual property.

Also Laura was a wonderful person, artist etc. However she suffered from SEVERE depression and anxiety. She let it get the best of her and committed suicide. I thought what could I have done to help as I always tried to help. But i realized it was her choice. RIP.

Steemit is a cool platform that's been through a lot of changes in 3+ years! I am still here though! The question is: are you & why? Truly im interested in knowing:

Commentary is awesome please drop a comment! Im generous with comment upvotes!



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