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One of the primary mottos of CURES is: get the consideration you merit. Turn out to be a piece of a progressive all inclusive medicinal ecosystem of administrations accessible to patients, therapeutic experts and those working in the field of restorative the travel industry.

As of now, there are various issues that influence the health division overall. One of these issues is the absence of open and available restorative information and divided patient records. Despite the fact that every open emergency clinic, therapeutic specialists and private facilities keep up different electronic chronicle frameworks, for each case, they can't give total data about the patient's health or treatment history. However, as of late, a creative blockchain innovation has developed that is fit for taking care of this issue and coordinating its answer the correct way.

The most essential thing is that every single restorative datum Patient related (counting past and flow status, treatment and history of ailments) will be put away on the blockchain and this will make each record open, portable and lasting. In the meantime, all therapeutic records will be shielded from misfortune and change. In addition, the utilization of blockchain innovation will prompt the eliminating of extra authoritative units, which will altogether lessen support costs in the medicinal services industry.

Fortunately there seemed such a venture called CURES, which permits patients not exclusively to deal with their information, which enables them to lead remote meetings and in this manner lessen holding up in lines and the quantity of visits, yet in addition enable them to adapt their very own information, pitching access to them for different medicinal and factual investigations. The CURES venture has gotten great help worldwide because of their creative way to deal with overseeing tolerant private restorative information.

On the platform, the collaboration made the CURES token. The fundamental objective of the CURES token is the craving to decentralize the medicinal services framework, engaging patients, social insurance application designers, human services suppliers and hardware suppliers.

The idea of CURES is to enable all partners using imaginative advancements, for example, blockchains and scholarly contracts, which prompts more alternatives and going past the limits, making a straightforward and solid confirmation framework, enabling you to settle on progressively compelling and educated choices.

To encourage the acknowledgment of these thoughts in life were created 6 essential backings can be said. Among them:
• HAPP application store: The organization offers exclusive applications that are exceptionally imaginative and helpful to people in general.
• Electronic health records: Patients can screen their information and get remote counsels.
• Health Platform: This is an imaginative idea for future contracts.
• Market and platform to test trust: There is a chance to search for medicinal services suppliers around the globe.
• Exchanging platform: Making a full channel offers of medicinal gear.
• Altruistic trust subsidize Separate legitimate substance
• Financed by 5% of the measure of the token.

The token details are as follows
Token Name: CURES Token
Abbreviation: CRS
Type: Etherium based token platform ERC-20
Total shipments: 500 million CRS.
Maximum number of tokens offered to the public during an ICO: 175,000,000 CRS
Hard Cap: 175,000 ETH
Soft Cap: 2,000 ETH
Start of sale September 16, 2018
End of sale April 15, 2019

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