The Life Curation Team - The Industrious Seven - Application for the month May

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Hello steemit members. You may have seen the update from steemitblog, This post is the Application post for the curation team of month May. Let's get into it.


We, the industrious seven, are applying again the same theme that is My Life. We did a great job last month and have covered the widest range we can do. We all have the experience of handling steemcurator06 account. We have 7 wonderful members, all from different regions around the world. The below table shows some required information about the team members. We choose the theme the life again, including the Diary Game, My Town in Ten Pics, acts of kindness, and charity.

UsernameClubstatusSteem historyCountryLanguage
@heriadi#club1004 years 9 monthsIndonesiaIndonesian, English
@goodybest#club7511 monthsNigeriaNigerian pidgin, English
@ispin#club1004 years 3 monthsTurkeyTurkish,ENglish
@vvarishayy#club1001 year 5 monthsPakistanUrdu, English, Chinese
@leonelb#club751 year 10 monthsVenezulaSpanish, instrumental English
@franyeligonzalez#club50504 yearsColombiaSpanish, English
@chant#club1001 year 8 monthsCameroonFrench, English

Here are some more details about the members

Working experience
@heriadi Country Representative Indonesia
Founder of World smile project (WSP)
Experience in handling curation accounts of @steemcurator03 and @steembetterlife and @steemcurator06
Admin and initiator of Steem for betterlife community
Admin and founder of Hot news Community
Greeter and mod of Newcomer's Community
Mod at Steem Sea Community
The tag he will be curating: #actofkindness, #thediarygame
@chantA French speaker lives in a country named Cameroon.
Mod of Steem Cameroon<experience of handling @steemcurator06
A member of the community Steemwomen's club, and very active in Steem Cameroon Community.
Plagiarism team member in Steem Cameroon Community.
The tags she will be curating: #mytownin10pics, #thediarygame, and #mytownin10pics
@vvarishayyCountry Representative of Pakistan
Mod of Steemit Pakistan
Mod of Steem Infinity Zone
Handles the Pakistan charity
Admin and founder of Community Steem Culture
Experience in handling the curation account @steemcurator07, @steemcurator03, @steemit-pak, @siz-official and @steemcurator06.
Experience of being a greeter of newcomers
The tags I will be curating: all tags
@ispinA Turkish who has experience of 4 years and 4 months working in steemit. She is also among one of the oldest members of steemit.
Member of charity group of steemwomensclub
Handles the curation account of @steemit-turkey
Mod of steemit-turkey community
mod of steemithobby community
Experience of handling @steemcurator06 account.
She will be handling the tag: #thediarygame, #mytownin10pics, and #charity
@franyeligonzalezfranyeligonzalez is from Latin America and one of the most experienced members of steemit, and she has 4 years of working experience in steemit.
Mod of Colombia-Original.
Experience of handling @steemcurator06 account.
The tag she will be curating: #charity. #mytownin10pics
@leonelbAn active member of steemit who is active in communities;
Steem Venezuela
Comunidad Latina
He is one of the sponsors of #spud4steem
Experience of handling @steemcurator06 account.
He will be curating the tag: #charity, #actofkindness
@goodybest meet a very energetic Nigerian girl.
Nigerian team member of @smilenigeria under World Smile Project (WSP)
Mod in Steemkidss
Plagiarism mod in campus connecting communities
Experience in handling curation accounts of the community creative writing and art and @steemcurator06 account.
tag she will be curating: #actofkindness and #thediarygame

Because of the marvelous performance and active team members, we have voted 704 posts and 638 unique accounts during 4 weeks. The stats were checked through steemworld weekly. I think we have covered the widest range of steemains. All my team members agreed to work as a team again. I know we can work efficiently as a team again.






We are suitable because we are well experienced and did a great job previously. We have two country representatives and different admins and mods from different communities around steemit. Now the question is, how will we be handling the curator account? We have designed a timetable that suits everyone and can cover a wider range. We have assigned. The decided timetable is below. Our team members are from Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Venezuela, Turkey, Colombia, and Cameroon, and the fact is that majority of the people are from these countries in steemit.


We have members who are part of some charity in steemit. we have @heriadi, the founder of the World smile project, and I @vvarishayy handle the @pak-charity. @ispin is a charity member of @steemwomensclub, and @goodybest is also a member of WSP charity. These members would benefit us because we have chosen a theme that includes #actofkindness and #charity. We would be most suitable in this case as we have members of different non-profitable charity accounts. We have Admins, founders, Mods, and active members from different communities, which would help us cover more people in the steemit. We have members who have already handled the curation accounts and experience.

Mandatory Clubs

Only the members of #club5050, #club75, #club100 were given the upvotes from the steemcurator06 account, and if we are selected, this rule will continue that the club member will be entertained through the votes. It does not matter how much your post is unique and appealing, but if you are not in the clubs, you are wasting your time and efforts. So please assure your club status. Our voting support would be according to the club status of the authors.

club statusVoting percentage
#club505030% mana
#club7540% mana
#club10050% mana

Note: the percentage mentioned above mana was and will be given to the deserving one, whose post will be worthy enough.

Our Guidelines

  • We will not be supporting the cross posters, and all the posts must be #steemexclusive to get the vote.
  • Proper citation of the images and will not be supporting any plagiarised posts.
  • Quality Content producers will be supported
  • The users must be committed to at least #club5050, and ideally #club75 or #club100.
  • The post length must be at least 250-300 words.
  • You must not be using any bid bots.

How will we ensure that we do not vote for plagiarised content?

Grammarly and SEO tool is the best tool to use for checking plagiarism. We will check the plagiarism before voting, and for the images, we will use google lens to ensure the images a person is using is original and not copied from any other source. We will check if the sites given to any image are correct or not.

The Industrious seven are the best for the theme of life, and we will vote for the authors who are working and producing unique and quality content.

Best Regards,
The Industrious seven 🎗️


Great team, we have seen the professional performance of this team, hope you all get another chance to give the best construction

terimakasih temanku

Thanks for the good wishes and commendations!

Hello everyone, excellent post leader, proud to be part of this team, we have done a great job and it would be great to extend our work to the month of May. Thanks for the support and the opportunity.

Thank you franyeligonzalez. It was a great experience of working with you guys. Hope to work again with the same enthusiasm.

Let's do this again! We did a wonderful job and we will be grateful if we're given the opportunity again. Thanks for the excellence post lovely leader

Yes true that. We covered a huge range of 508 posts

We were a great leader and a great team. We would very much like to continue our work from where we left off this month.

I hope the same. We did a great job together.

Excellent group, they are responsible, dedicated and committed people to Steemit and its users, who are there to support and guide others. Always success and I hope you will be selected because you deserve it.

We are grateful for the support they give us, their feedback drives us to continue working to curate the content.

#affable #venezuela

Thank you very much for your words, my friend!

Thank you so much for your kind reviews. It means a lot

Thank very much

Oh my! Your support means a lot for us! Thank you so much

excellent work team always in support of the users and very committed to the platform

Thank you very much for your good wishes.

Thank you, we hope to take this responsibility again if possible.

#affable #venezuela

Thank you so much!

Great Team✈️✈️✈️✈️

Thank you very much!

Thank you friend, good wishes encourage us to continue working.

#affable #venezuela

Tim yang luar biasa dan hebat, semoga sukses

Thank you, we hope to be selected again to do an excellent job.

#affable #venezuela

Thank you for your kind words

terimakasih abi

We appreciate your kind gesture

This is a great application. May Allah see you through.


Thank you friend, blessings to you too.

#affable #venezuela

Ameen. JazakAllah ♥️

my wonderful friends, @vvarishayy @heriadi @leonelb @chant @franyeligonzalez @ispin I have no doubt that you guys will continue because you have shown that you are capable in your first tenor. I am in support. I wish you all success

Thank you so much for your good wishes and support.🤗🙏

thank you very much for the support my friend, I also pray that your team will qualify for the May 2022 competition, your team is also my team

Thanks a lot for wishing me and my team well. We will all emerge as winners if the steemit team see it fit. Success

Thank you very much for your support!

Thanks a lot for your support and we wish our application be considered✌️✌️.

Thank you friend, this is an honor to receive those words from you, we will continue working to contribute to the platform and reward good content.

#affable #venezuela

Aww thank you so much ngoenyi. It means a lot.

You are welcome 🤗

Your team also a great team no doubt. We hope we will select

We pray to be selected dear Sis. Let's keep praying for that

We really appreciate your support, thank you so much 💕

The industrious seven, This team has been amazing and i must commend your efforts as curators. I hope you are given this opportunity again to continue your good works. I wish you guys all the best.

Thank you very much sir, your wish is our dream

Thank you very much for your support my friend!

Thank you friend, we also look forward to a new opportunity and we will do our best to do a great job.

#affable #venezuela

Thank you for your words 🤠

Awe thank you so much my able prof. Your support means a million for us

Me parecen que han hecho un gran trabajo, siendo así, lo lógico es seguir siendo elegidos en esa labor.
Suerte para todo el equipo.
Y que sigan haciendo lo bueno que hacen.

Hi friend, thank you very much, let's hope your wishes come true!

Thank you friend, if we are elected again we will also do a good job.

#affable #venezuela

Hii thank you for your supportive comments.

Thank you , we hope your good wishes come true

As your name implies, this team is really industrious I will souxh appreciate you all to work again, your team work is commendable

Thank you very much for your words, my friend.

Thank you very much, we appreciate your support and look forward to getting back to work as soon as possible.

#affable #venezuela

Thank you so much eliany. It means a lot

We appreciate your wonderful commendations dear. Thanks

Excelente equipo🌟... El trabajo que han estado realizando es genial por ta razón, mantenerlos en este rol es una excelente elección porque la fórmula ha funcionado muy bien

Thank you, we would also be very happy to participate again.

#affable #venezuela

Hello friend, thank you very much for your great support!!!!

Thank you so much for your kind words

Your amazing 🤩 support means a lot for us

Pues aquí la experiencia, y la dedicación son super importantes este equipo cuenta con ambas así que sigamos haciendo el trabajo de creer y crecer me tomó tiempo darme cuenta pero vamos por más....

Hi friend, thank you very much for your words and support.

Hey helen thank you for your kind comment

We appreciate your kind remarks

Segura del éxito en este emprendimiento mi querida @frsnyeligonzalez. Para todo el equipo un abrazote.

Thank you friend, I really appreciate your words.

Thank you for the supportive comment

Harika bir ekiptiniz ve çok iyi işler yaptınız umarım bir ay daha görevinizde devam edersiniz

Thank you so much

Tekrar başvuru yaptığınızı görmek çok hoş. Umarım başarılı olan bu ekip tekrar çalışmalara devam eder. Sevgilerle

Thank you very much

Thank you so much

We appreciate you 💕

A great team, I hope you continue your duties this month.
Good luck.

Thank you very much!

Thank you so much ❤️

It's what we're hoping for! Thank you!!

Many thanks for everything 🥳 Great team!

Thank you very much!

Thank you 😊

Hola que buen equipo, han trabajado bien se nota el esfuerzo por hacer las cosas bien, por eso cuentan con mi apoyo. Voto arriba y a la izquierda 🤗, vamos amiga @frqnyeligonzalez. Todos son geniales.


Hola querido amigo, gracias por tus palabras y tu apoyo!! :)

Thank you so much 🥰

@franyeligonzalez @ispin mucho exito. Felicidades por conformar un excelente equipo ❤️

Thank you 🤗🥰

Hola amigo, muchas gracias por tus deseos!! :)

Thank you so much we appreciate your kind words

Great team and experienced as well I wish you best of luck for the application ❤️👌

Thank you very much for your support.

Thank you so much

Excelente equipo de trabajo, buen desempeño y equidad 🤗 espero verlos continuar 🙋🏼‍♀️

Muchas gracias querida amiga!! :)

Thank you so much for your kind words

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Good luck!
Best regards, @alexmove.witness

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Okay, voted ✅

It's amazing, it's an honor to be able to join The Industriousseven team, I trust and believe
that you can work well.
Thanks to all the team for your cooperation
"The industrial Seven team is the best curator"

We are a great team, my friend.

Truly we're great 😃 thank you! iTS A PRIVILEGE FOR US TO WOrK WITH you

We did a great job indeed

Nisan ayında mukkemmel küratörlük yaptiniz. Mayıs ayında da secileceginize eminim. Başarılar @ispin


Thank you svm038 fro always supporting 💓

Excellent team, I would like to give them a second chance, I am sure they will continue to do a great job.

Excellent curators.

Gracias amiga, muchos éxitos para ti también!!

We really appreciate your sincere commendations and your good wishes. Thank you!

Thank you nahela. It means a lot. I wish your team will select 🙌

Best of luck @vvarishayy for this month. Your team did really good work last month

Thank you very much for your words, my friend!

Thank you very much friend, we are happy to be able to support users who stay active and engaged.

#affable #venezuela

Thank you so much mom 💓

thank you very much @soboohi this hard work cannot be separated from your support as our parents

Thanks for your kind words ❤️

Thank you so much for your sincere commendations! It means a lot for us

A great team, I hope you continue your duties this month.
Good luck

Thank you very much.

You were very good last month. 👍I wish you success this month. @ispin

Aww thank you so much we appreciate you 💕

Aww thank you so much

Çok teşekkür ederim. İşimizi severek yaptık. Mutlaka bu sizlere de yansımıştır.🤗

Wow what a great team! congratz and good luck! @ispin 👏👏👏

Thank you very much.

Thank you so much

Çok teşekkür ederim. Yorumunuz benim için çok kıymetli ☺️🤗

tebrik ederim Pınar hanım yolunuz açık olsun inşallah. @ispin👍

Thank you so much

Thank you adalynaz

Çok teşekkür ediyorum.
Size ayrıca tagları takip ederek çeşitli taglar kullanmanızı tavsiye ederim 🤗

Geçen ay harika bir çalışma izledik, küratörlük ekibiniz sayesinde bir çok kişi olumlu oylar aldı, umarım mayıs ayı seçimleri sizler için tekrardan bir şans olur. Sıkı çalışan için teşekkür ederim @ispin

Thank you so much we appreciate

Thank you so much for your appreciations

Çok teşekkür ederim değerli iş arkadaşım 🤗

Tebrik ederim pınar hanım daim olsun👏🏽👏🏽

Teşekkürler. Umarım gelecek ay da hizmete devam ederiz. Kaliteli postlarınızı tekrar oylamak isterim 🙏

Excellent team, I wish you the best.

Your support means a lot for us, thank you

A very, very complete team with platform experts, each in their own strengths, who help others with their support and advice.

Hola amiga, gracias por tu apoyo y por tus lindas palabras!

Aww thank you so much

Thank you so much

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Gracias por apoyo amigo @xpilar.

Thank you so much

Thank you so much!

This team has been amazing and i must commend your efforts as curators. I hope you are given this opportunity again to continue your good works. I wish you guys all the best.👍

Thank you so much for your sincere commendations and support, we appreciate!

Thank you so much sameer07.

Welcome Ma'am

It's a very nice team. I wish you success 🙏🤗
@ispin @goodybest 🤗

Thank you so much for your good wishes, we really appreciate 💕

Thank you baycan

Çok teşekkürler canım. Yorumun çok kıymetli. 🙏

Rica ederim canım 🤗 sen de benim için değerlisin ❤️

Tekrar seçileceğinize inanıyorum başarılar arkadaşım @ispin 🥰

Thank you so much

Çok teşekkürler canım benim 🤗

Con el apoyo total e incondicional para este gran equipo. La familia de topfamily y topfivefamily, creemos que con toda la experticia que estos amigos acumulan representa un buen equipo para esta postulación.

Thank you so much

We appreciate, thank you

Todos en nuestra familia apoyamos esta gran iniciativa, además que todos son bien conocidos en sus regiones y comunidades respectivas, estoy seguro de que seguirán realizando un gran trabajo como equipo.

Con el apoyo de la familia.

Trail de TopFiveFamily

Thank you 😊

Good luck to all Industrious Seven team members,, you've performed well last month.

Aww thank you so much juichi. Means a lot

Thanks for the good wishes and nice commendations my friend,

i feel so great to see that our Pakistani's are pretty much active and how we are supporting each other.

My well wishes for you and your whole team...!

Best of luck for the approval of application :)

Thank you so much for always supporting hassanabid.

Thanks for the good wishes, we appreciate

Thank you so much

Industrious seven
You guys are back again, wow this is cool. With the reputation of steemians I see in the team, you guys deserve the month of May. I wish you guys the best. @goodybest @vvarishayy @heriadi @leonelb @chant @franyeligonzalez @ispin great job you have done so far, I hope your team is given another chance again.

We appreciate your support and thanks for appreciating our work. All we wish for is another chance to continue with the good work we started in April.

Thank you so much for your sincere commendations, we appreciate your support!

Thank you very much, with hope and prayer we can all qualify for this competition

Great team with awesome members having good experience. You all did well this month of April and i therefore believe this coming new month won't be different.

I am still rooting for you all.

Sure we try more better than this month. We really appreciate your support, thank you!

Thanks for appreciating our work and we hope for the best.

No doubt we see again you and your team as a winner.
Best of luck to all our team. My best wishes for you.

Thanks for the good wishes dear friend, it means a lot for us

Good luck industrious 7
The work for this category is not easy because you guys have a lot of content to go through and to sort out. Nevertheless you still end up doing a great job. You have my full support.

Thanks for the support, and nice commendations it means a lot for us. Let's see how it goes

You are welcome 🤗

Thanks for your support my dear.

This team is indeed industrious. Not just that, they are also fair in their vote distribution, touching different Communities and supporting contents of quality and effort.

I think they should be permanent, let them be the model for other teams..

Aww 🥰 thank you so much for your sincere commendations, it means a lot for us!

A well-combination team. Good Luck The Industrious Seven! 🥳✌❤️