Curators' Team Application (JUNE) || By Without Border Curator Team - For Arts (Crafts, Photography, music, poetry...)

Hello steemit team and everyone, I am glad to introduce the "Without Border" curator's application for june. This is with reference to the need of curators for the month of june. I true believe that the qualifications and experiences of me and my team will make the a perfect curation team and we want to most especially thank the steemit team for the curator’s team initiative every month.


Our team is Titled "Without Border Curation Team" and the theme for our team is "Arts" in which we are going to curate articles on: art, crafts, photography, music, poetry, and creative writing... etc

Details of Team Members

My team members have long experience on steemit and are also best for the curation theme (Arts) which includes articles on: art, crafts, photography, music, poetry, and creative writing... etc


Joined: July 2020
Country: Cameroon
Languages: English, French
club: club100
Active Communities: Country Rep for Cameroon, Admin at Steem Cameroon, Steem POD Team, Newcomers Community
Skills/experience: Music, Photography, Writing, Traveler


Joined: June 2021
Country: Nigeria
Languages: English
club: club75
Active Communities: MOD in steemkids and steem traverls.
Skills/experience: drawing, crafting


Joined: february 2018
Languages: English, Filipino, Cebuano
club: club100
Active Communities: Steemit Philippines -MOD
Steemwomen Club - Member /delegator Steemfoods.
Skills/experience: Food Vlogger/content creator, Music


Joined: July 2018
Country: Perú
Languages: English and Spanish
Club: 75
Active: Curator R2cornell, Delegate Member of Comunidad Latina and SteemWomenClub
Skills: Handicrafts, cooking, photography.


Joined Steemit : November 2018
Country : Indonesia
Language : Indonesian and English
Club Status : Club100
Active Communicaties : STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE (Delegator), Steem SEA, Steem Entrepreneurs, WORLD OF XPILAR (Aceh-Team) and Hot News
Community Skills/Experience: Photography, traveler and crafts.


Joined Steemit : October 2017
Country : Turkey
Language : English and Turkish
Club Status : Club100
Active Communicaties : Admin for Steemit Turkey.
Community Skills/Experience: Photography, traveler and crafts.


Joined: September 2020
Country: Venezuela
Languages: English and Spanish
Club: 75
Active: MOD Comunidad Latina, active STEEM Dev
Skills: Technology knowledge, art in several matters, programming

Why would we make a good curation team

The length of time my team and I have been on this platform provides us with the ideal experience for both reviewing and curating quality articles. My team has the ability to find a niche within the art theme and support everyone's efforts/ articles accordingly.

Our focus would be on:

In addition, we are going to encourage users who are not part of any club status and drop constructive comments on how to join or be a member of either #club5050 #club75 #club100

Anything special about how they will do their curation to ensure the widest reach.

  • Explicit articles would be made by all team members to guide user on the appropriate/correct use of tags to help team members fetch articles easily to facilitate the review and curation process of articles.

  • Communication between team member. A discord channel has been set up for our team, whereby we share our thoughts, opinions, and ideas on reviewing and curating articles and also to work effectively as a team.

  • We place our focus mainly on the theme (Arts), which include articles under art, crafts, photography, music, poetry, and creative writing... etc A clear plan has been set down set on how to how review and curate articles under these categories, with a curation timetable for each and every team member.

  • Each and every team member will contribute their fair share in reviewing/curating articles on our respective days of curation

  • My team members are diverse, in addition to the fact that we are all unique and we will be able to offer the required skills to cover articles under: art, crafts, photography, music, poetry, and creative writing...

  • In addition to all this, a percentage of the vote will be used based on the following criteria:

  • Club Status

  • Markdown

  • Drafting

  • Using bid bot

  • Use of own images

How we will ensure they will not vote for posts with plagiarized content

Before the curation of any article by a team member, plagiarism checker tools will be used to ensure that articles are 100% free from plagiarism before it can be curated. The plagiarism tool agreed by team members to be used are:

A google excel sheet will be set up to keep track or record users with plagiarized articles we come across during curation and review, which will be included in our weekly report.

We will as well drop comments on any plagiarized content we come across and check if a user has done his achievement 3 from the newcomers community because most cases of plagiarized contents are usually published by authors who have not done upto achievement 3 and are therefore unaware about the ill of plagiarism.

Thank you. My humble regards to the steemit team

Without Border,Curation Team

I am @saxopedia.


It's amazing, I'm really very happy for you guys, I hope we become a good team to work together, I hope we will succeed. Thank you very much my friends @saxopedia @abiga554 @udyliciouz @me2selah @habercitr and @alejos7ven

We Are Without Border,Curation Team

Success always for all of us

Tim yang sangat hebat semoga akan berhasil

Que bien, estoy segura que harán un excelente trabajo, hay muchas publicaciones de calidad en arte que no son valoradas, es bueno saber que ustedes verificaran este tipo de publicaciones para valorar a quien se lo merece.

Saludos Steemian, @saxopedia, Tu post ha sido recompensado por @alejos7ven del Cotina Team.

Si deseas apoyar a la comunidad considera delegar Steem Power a @cotina o Votar por nuestro Witness

I am very happy to be part of this great team, I hope we will be selected to show how well we work together.

And I am happy to work with you, you're great person.

Best of luck to us ☺️

Wow I can see the team is made up of commented and devoted steemians .I think you guys can do great work as a team.Goodluck

Thank you...
Indeed we are commented and devoted..
We hope for the best

excelente propuesta mucha suerte, sin dudas harian un buen equipo.

Gracias amiga, claro que sí 😁

Excelente equipo merecen ser elegidos se que harán un buen trabajo, muchos éxitos 🤗


Amén amiga, muchas gracias 😁

Un equipo maravilloso... Mucho éxito en este nuevo camino

Gracias amiga 😁

Great team with hardworking potential curators. I wish this team a success

Excelente equipo muchachos, muchos éxitos!!

Gracias amiga.

Great team full of talented and devoted steemians. All I wish for is success and success for this team

thanks boss...

But i call you today you no pick my calls(hahahahaha)

Holy Jesus child of mary😱😱... Didn't noticed🤦‍♂️. Probably I was in the field watching a football Match and my phone was very low, on silent 🔕.. but didn't see any miss call after charging my phone.. I may had not noticed

So sorry for the ignoring

its okay... everything is sorted out already

Oooh kfirm the biggest Sax man

Weti de your Peri nor🤗

I be di call make you cut me soap

Great team with diverse experiences. I wish you guys luck and hope your application is considered.

Thank you..
we hope same too

I'm pleased with this team and I must say I think this is the very first time I'm hearing about your team..

I love your theme #art
I love drawing, photography and all centered around arts

Good luck and I hope from the experienced of all your team members, you guys will do great!

Thank you @monjuapollonia

Yes you are right. Actually this is a new team

Que gran grupo estoy segura de que harán un excelente trabajo de quedar seleccionados, veo este grupo mucho profesionalismo en sus labores, les deseo mucho éxito

Gracias amiga, sí, nos esforzaremos por realizar un trabajo excepcional.

A great honor be part of this team, I really hope we get selected, we will do a great job

Let’s start team!

Hi, @saxopedia,

Thank you for your contribution to the Steem ecosystem.

Please consider voting for our witness, setting us as a proxy,
or delegate to @ecosynthesizer to earn 100% of the curation rewards!
3000SP | 4000SP | 5000SP | 10000SP | 100000SP

Tim yang luar biasa, semoga aplikasinya diterima

Syukran kasiran abi atas dukungannya,
Sukses selalu buat kita semua.
Semoga sehat selalu buat @abialfatih dan sekeluarga

Amin, terimakasih tgk @walictd

Luar biasa! Ini Tim Yang solid, Selamat untuk anda semua....

Alhamdulillah, terimakasih banyak atas dukungannya pak @ridwant.
Sukse selalu buat kita semua.

Kita berharap demikian dinda @walictd !

It is an honor to be part of this team @saxopedia.

Greatee honour for me working with you

Congratulations, your post has been upvoted by @dsc-r2cornell, which is the curating account for @R2cornell's Discord Community.

Curated by Blessed-girl
Enhorabuena, su "post" ha sido "up-voted" por @dsc-r2cornell, que es la "cuenta curating" de la Comunidad de la Discordia de @R2cornell.

Visit our Discord - Visita nuestro Discord

Congrats! Excellent team and Good luck to all application.

This is precisely what I'm looking for. A team that concentrates on the arts so that every #Steemian knows how to write a good article and will also hone our talents by enticing us to write more and think of creative ideas that can be used by everyone. Good luck Team!

Good luck and God Bless to this amazing team... Full for this especially to @me2selah...

Thank you Mel!

Excellent Team, I can see all are devotees in this platform & hardworking being a moderator
Kuddos to all of you Ate @me2selah Good luck to your applications & more power! 💚💚💚

Thank you Je! Good luck to all of us!

Best of luck. Great team.

Great selection of hardworking Steemians.I wish this team will be chosen for this round.

I am very happy that I was given a chance in this team, I hope we will be selected as a team this time.

wow rooting for you sis @me2selah

Thank you Sis!

welcome sis!

It's a nice team. I love painting. I hope you will be selected and you will vote for our successful posts on the themes to be curated by you.
I wish you success

What a brilliant line-up! And I'm rooting for you, sis @me2selah!

Thank you Sis!

Great team, wish you guys the best. Looking forward to see you guys curating in the month of june.

Thank You sir..
Thats the plan

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