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RE: Steemit Update [ May 20th, 2022 ] : Community Curators for June - Applications Open

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Hello, I have created a telegram group for those users who wish to consolidate a curation team with me

I'm @rafaelcmontero, Venezuelan, Steem Travelers Mod. #club5050

my discord

telegram group


I'm with you I'm connected to you.

Please do join this telegram group

Hey friend @rafaelcmontero I wanna join your team. I was eagerly waiting for the month of June. It would be appreciative if you select me for your team. I'm sure we will do our best.

Discord: Aalia Rubab#3040

Nationality : Nigerian
Languages : Fluent in English
Club status : Club75
Interests : Life and humanity, creative writing, gardening
Discord : starrchris#6310

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