MetaCool Curator Team Application - Lifestyle (health, sport, food, travel, gardening....)

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Greetings to everyone on Steemit! How are you, friends? I hope you feel great!

Wonderful time on Steemit! The Steemit team took the initiative to recruit new curators. And it stirred up our platform. All active participants choose the strongest and most reliable participants, try to make a strategically correct choice. We thank the Steemit team for a great opportunity to demonstrate our best abilities as future curators.

Our team is "Metacool" and most belong to the dolphin club. We've all been working on Steemit for a long time and promoting it all over the world. We all joined #club 5050, #club 75 and #club 100.

We are applying for the nomination LifeStyle - health, fitness, sport, leisure, food, gardening, travel... Our team consists of 7 of the most active participants, who are all familiar to you, because they are administrators of their own Communities, representatives in their countries and have extensive experience in curating content. It will not be difficult for us to find the best content and reward the participant for his work. Thus, we will cover a larger number of authors who previously had no support.


@oppongk - ADMIN STEEMFARM-MARKET, ADMIN Country Representative -Ghana, #dolphinclub, #club75. Country - Ghana, language - English. He will curate- the health.


@vipnata - leadership, ADMIN in Steemit-Garden, #dolphinclub, #club100, country - Italy-Russia, languages: Russian, Italian, English. She will be curate - the gardening.


@toufiq777 - MOD Country representative, #dolphinclub, #club75. Country - Bangladesh, languages - Bengali, English.
He'll curate - the sport.


@anasuleidy - Country Representative for Venezuela & Mod for steemfoods, #Club5050, Language - Spanish, She will curate area about food.


@wilmer1988 - MOD Country Representative Venezuela, #dolphinclub, #club75. Country - Venezuela, languages - Spanish, English. He'll curate - travel.


@allahnawaz03 - MOD Steemit-Garden Community, #club75. Country - Pakistan, Languages - Urdu, English. He'll curate - the leisure.


Username: @meymeyshops
Nationality: Nigeria
Language: English and Igbo
Joined steemit: since December 2020.

Club Status: club5050
Field of study: Accountancy from the university of Enugu State Nigeria.
Skills: Computer literacy
Experience in Steemit Blockchain: Have participated in most seasons of the cryptoacademy. Mentorship program for newbies, Moderator in steemkids and founder of Steemfitnesshub community.

Details of MetaCool Curator Team Members

Team Curators Nationality Language Time Active On Steem Club Status
@oppongk - Country Representative for Ghana, Admin - @steemfarm-market Ghana English & Twi From 2018 to 2022 Club75
@vipnata, Founder - @steem-garden Italy Russian, Italian & English From 2019 to 2022 Club100
@toufiq777, Mod & Country Representative for Bangladesh Bangladesh Bengali & English From 2019 to 2022 Club75
@anasuleidy, Country Representative for Venezuela & Mod for steemfoods Venezuela Spanish From 2019 to 2022 Club5050
@wilmer1988, Country Representative for Venezuela Venezuela Spanish & English From 2019 to 2022 Club75
@allahnawaz03 - MOD Steemit-Garden Community Pakistan Urdu & English From 2021 to 2022 Club75
@meymeyshops, Mod - Steemkidss & Founder of steemfitnesshub Nigeria English & Igbo From 2020 to 2022 Club5050

Why We would make a good curation team.

Our Team; MetaCool comprises of Curators who are very experienced in terms of curation. Most of our team members are Country Representatives from their respective Communities and countries. Some of our Team members are handling Steemcurator 04- 08 Accounts. So, we are mastery about the curation rules.

Aside this, to ensure standard work execution depends mostly with team work. For the few days after the announcement of Community Curator Teams, we have formed group chat on Telegram to know ourselves well and to also plan ahead if given this reputable opportunity and position. We would employ trustworthiness as some of our team members have maintained on Steemit blockchain.

Anything special about how we will do our curation to ensure the widest reach.

Our curation area - "Lifestyle" comes with very broad spectrum of field to cover. Most of our team members are area specific. So we have already decentralized the various areas such as: "food," "health," "garden," "sport" and etc to all our members who are good in those areas to curate if we are considered for this position. We would also make sure to devise means not to miss posts within our jurisdiction with the aid of using some specific tags which would fall within those areas.

How we will ensure we do not vote for any posts with plagiarised content.

Most of our members are very skilled in checking plagiarism in our various communities since we have had experience in Curation before. We would make sure to verify every posts whether is plagiarized content or devoid of plagiarism before we would curate. This is very simple by using one of reliable plagiarism tool


We would make sure to abide by all the rules governing this Community Curator Team Account if our team is considered. Our great area of advise for members that we would be curating, we would ensure that they all support the growth of club5050, club75 and club100. No abuse or plagiarism whatsoever would be tolerated in our Community curation. We hope to work with team work as we have mentioned to use the account judiciously and to cover wide range of posts within our catchment areas in the world of Steem.

Our appreciation to Steemit Teams and all our team members for their support responding to our call coming out with MetaCool Curator Team!


Good luck guys!

Thank you very much friend.

@alena-vladi, спасибо и удачи вашей команде!

Тоже спасибо!!!)

Very strong team
You will surely be considered, Masha Allah

Excellent team members. Good luck my friend @toufiq777 and all your team members.

I really love this team, they are all respectable steemians and very loved in Steemit: @vipnata, @anasuleidy, @wilmer1988, @toufiq777, @meymeyshops, @oppongk and @allahnawaz03, best regards.

Thank you.
Team CuratorsX

And we love you too dear @tocho2, thanks for your good words.

Buen equipo amigos, muchos éxitos en este proyecto!

Unitedly more success will be realised with this Team's
effort for great results as they apply their diverse knowledge.

Good luck, @oppongk team...

Thanks very much. My appreciation.

Thanks very much for your application. The team is very strong. We hope you win to handle "Lifestyle" for better Curation.

We hope to be considered. Our pleasure 😃

Thanks very much.

This is really impressive Application. We hope this experienced Team wins for great support for @steemfarm-members!

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