Curation Team Application [Arts - art, photography, music, poetry, creative writing]

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Hope Curation Team.

Our Application to the
Curatorship Program

On the behalf of my team "Hope Curation Team", I greet y'all and trust we all are doing great in this amazing platform. We are very happy to present our application to be considered as curators in this new stage of growth in the Platform. I believe this is going to work extremely well because of the proof Of Brain behind the curation period as quality, original and plagiarized free contents will be rewarded. ​

We are a team made up of people from different nations. We identify ourselves as an interdisciplinary machinery, and we believe that with our potential we can bring a lot of benefit to the platform. We will introduce ourselves next.


Nationality: Cumaná Venezuela Languages: Spanish and English Club Status: #Club75 discord:@mariajruizb#0108 Interests: childcare, music, art, life and humanity, creative writing, and advocacy. community moderator @steemkidss and @danceandmusic. Lyrical and popular singer, teacher of the System of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Venezuela.


Nationality : Azerbaijan
Languages: Azerbaijani, Turkish and Russian
Active time on steemit: From 10:00 am to 18:00 am (UTC)
Club status : #club75
Field of experience: online trading 5 years, web administration 5 years, financial advisor 3 years, business project manager 4 years
Experience on Steemit Blockchain: Have been active since September 2017
Role: cryptoman, crypto blogge, founder Of Steemit Azerbaijan and admin


Club Status: #club5050

Languages: English, Spanish
Country: Argentina
Experience: I am the founder and moderator of music and creative writing in the Recreational Steem community. I spend at least 5 hours a day on the platform, evaluating the community posts.
I love steemit and I have great growth expectations
Age: December 2017


Nationality: Ghana
Languages ​​: English/Ghanaian language
Active time on steemit : From 9 pm to 12 am UTC
Club Status : #club75
Field of study: currently a third year student pursuing Biochemistry. One year teaching experience after High school.
Experience on steemit Blockchain : Have been active since February 2021.
Role: MOD in steem skillshare community and also an active member in other communities such as Steem Ghana community. Also an English Grammar Teacher on Steem Skillshare.


Nationality: Cameroon Languages: English/French Active time in steemit: From 6pm to 2am) UTC Club status: #club75 Field of experience: Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering with Mechanical Manufacturing option and high school teaching experience for 2 years. Steemit Blockchain experience: Has been active since April 2021 Role: MOD in the STEEM VILL community, Ambassador in the steemkidss community and a vibrant member in the Steem Cameroon community


Languages: English / French Active time on steemit: 5am to 3pm utc Club Status: #club100 Field of Experience: Bachelor Degree in Petroleum Engineering and currently in first year master's degree. 2 years Experience in Forex and crypto trading, management consultant, Basic knowledge in computer programming. Age: 24 Experience in steemit: Active on steemit since February 2021. Role in Steemit: active member in Steem Cameroon and crypto academy


Username: @chenty
Nationality : Ghana
Languages : English/Ghanaian language (twi and dagbani)
Active time on steemit : From 6 am to 11 pm UTC
Club Status : #club5050
Field of study: currently a third year student in Biochemistry.
Experience on steemit Blockchain : Have been active since February 2021.
Role: very active in steemit crypto academy, world of football and world of xpilar

c. Why they will make a good curation team?.

The team has very extensive experience in Arts, photography, music, poetry, as well as creative writings and this would be a great opportunity for us to be the best team for this theme or topic. Our team is comprised of administrators and moderators for the music and dance community which focuses mainly on this topic.

Our diversity in language is also one of the advantages of our team in working as a good team. Our team members are from different countries around the globe. The team has distributed the days of the week among ourselves so as to easily curate posts easily and daily. But with that, each curator would visit each post that the colleague creator curates and make sure it's really approved or meets all the requirements in the voting process.

We would also implement the use of the #steemexclusive tag in voting and also the use of specific tags such as #art, #music, etc.

d) Anything special about how they will do their curation to ensure the widest reach.

Our team is made is made up of 7 young vibrant and active individuals coming from different countries with different languages, races and religion. We did a good selection because we are made up of both old and new members with a lot of experience especially in the field of "Arts - art, photography, music, poetry, creative writing". So that is why we thought it wise that this team will suit us very well because of our various passions

Our team also also have people with a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of "Art, photography, music, poetry, creative writing", that is why we thought it wise before chosing the Theme.

For us to ensure that the curation should reach it's wildest, we have divided the days of curation amongs our team and each member have chosen a day which they will be free to carry out the curation properly.

DaysNamesWorking time
Mondays@revan746From 10am to 18am UTC
Tuesdays@yrmalezaFrom 10am to 18am UTC
Wednesdays@santosbass2From 10am to 18am UTC
Thursdays@chiabertrandFrom 10am to 18am UTC
Fridays@mariajruizbFrom 10am to 18am UTC
Sartudays@abu78From 10am to 18am UTC
Sundays@chentyFrom 10am to 18am UTC

That is the working schedule for our team. We will endeavor to support only #steemexclusive post since it's only related to #steemit and we will also ensure that all quality post related to our theme should receive an up-vote. By doing these, everyone will be motivated to produce quality contents

Our team is going to produce a tutorial publication so that Steemians could follow in order not to go out of track. In the tutorials,

  • We will educate them on how to use appropriate #tags in relation to the content they they are to create

  • How to use copyright free images and how to create a quality post with the use of markdowns

  • We will make sure everyone go through achievement 3 on Content etiquette so as not to fall victim of plagiarism

  • We will also encourage our everyone to follow atleast #club50, #club75 or #club100 so as to get juicy up-votes

e. how will they ensure they don’t vote any post with plagiarized content

Fighting against plagiarism has always been one of the core fights in the steemit platform. It is for this reason that the Postulacion will be working tirelessly to see that plagiarism is banished completely from the steemit platform through the following processes;

  • All posts before upvoted will be properly checked with the various plagiarism sites with example of this below:



  • After running this unique test to ensure that the content is unique, if it has quality as well the post will be upvoted else, a warning ⚠️ will be given to said user to be called to order and if repeated the action of the steemit team will be call forward.


We have come to the end of our application and we hope and pray we are giving the chance so that we can prove our ability that we are capable of doing our job as a team


SteemitAzerbaijanın admini @revan746 'nı burda görmək necədə ürək açıcı və sevindiricidir. Uğurlar. Daha sıx görmək ümidi ilə

Thanks for the wishes @eyeofbrain. We really do appreciate

Eyniylə.good luck)


SALAM Aleykum everybody. I'm very happy to read this advertisement. Thanks to #steemitcommunity... I believe will very interesting. Because wish lucky moments, beautiful and interesting posts,...., all good wishes to All... AMİN İNŞƏƏALLAH🤲

Thanks for wishes @orxan-m-50. We really do appreciate

You are WellCome🙏🤝

Sizlərə yekə bir thanks

Very well BROOOOO😂

Thank you very much for being here with this beautiful comment, we will do our best to support Steemit's talent. A hug from Venezuela.

El nombre de su equipo es realmente hermoso, me gustó mucho, éxito chicos..!

Thanks for the surpport and beautiful words @tocho2, we really do appreciate

This is the ❤️team of teams!

Thanks for the support @young-boss

Wow I can see this team is made of vibrant and Harding working steemians who are very versed with arts and music ,I pray you guys should be selected 🙏

Thank you so much for your support @wirngo, we really appreciate

A jurney of a thousand miles Begin with a step go and pave a way for us boss I trust u and I know you can't do it

Thanks alot for your wishes brother. We do appreciate

Wow, what a great team, my admiration for my mentor @chiabertrand, he is a fantastic person and has help us a lot in steemcameroon, I also know my friend @santosbass2 alot, he is excelling well in this platform. The team is indeed a great team with a lot of experience people in the field of Arts and music such as @mariajruizb and @yrmaleza. I wish you guys the best

Thank you so much @enoegbe for your support and kind words, we highly appreciate

Indeed Sir🙏🏾✅

I really appreciate the Idea count on me @chiabertrand for any support

Wow, we hope the steemit team accepts this application. I see a group of very passionate and consistent steemians. No doubt you all will make great curators

Thank you so much for your support @iloveakuma, we really appreciate

A great combination of hardworking steemians
This combination would make a great curation trial.... Best of luck to y’all ,I wish you’re application is approved
Special regards to @chiabetrand and @santosbass2

Thank you so much for your support dear @nafisatu, we really appreciate

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