Community Curators Team Application for June 2022 || by Steemcor07 || #burnsteem25

Hello, Everyone.



Greetings to the Steemit Team.

I hope that you are all happy and healthy.

Recruiting a curator team to curate content on a large scale is a great initiative by the Steemit Team. I have chosen some of the best users from different countries and communities to form a curatorial team that fully meets the requirements and expectations.

Our team name is the Steemcor07 Curation Team, and our team leader is @ashkhan. We have followed all the rules for choosing the members of this team.

We Would Like to Curate for

  • Art Theme (Art, crafts, photography, poetry, writing and music)

Here we will spot posts regarding art, crafts, photography, writing and music. which use the hashtags #art, #crafts, #photography, #music, #poetry, #creative and #writing for getting support from our team.

Meet Steemcor07 Members!

I have chosen the members who have valuable experience on Steemit and will do their best for curation. The team is made up of the users below.



  • Nationality: Pakistani
  • Languages: English, Urdu, Punjabi
  • Club Status: #Club75
  • Community Roles: Moderator of the Steem infinity zone (Plagiarism Checker), Steem database(Promoter from Pakistan), Steem studios, active member in Steemit Pakistan, SteemFoods, SteemWomen Club.
  • Curation Experience: Steemcurator03, and community accounts.
  • History: joined Steemit in May 2021 ( 1 Year)



  • Nationality: Indonesian
  • Languages: Indonesian, English
  • Club Status: #Club100
  • Community Roles: Moderator in Steem Entrepreneurs, active Member in STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE, Steem SEA, Steemit-Garden, Steemit Iron Chef
  • Curation Experience: Steem Entrepreneurs community accounts
  • History: joined Steemit in July 2019 (2 years and 10 months)



  • Nationality: Azerbaijani
  • Languages: English, Russian, Azerbaijan, and Turkish
  • Club Status: #Club100
  • Community Roles: Founder and Admin in Steemit Azerbaijan Community
  • Curation Experience: Community account
  • History: joined Steemit in September 2017 (5 years and 2 months)



  • Nationality: Venezuelan
  • Languages: Spanish, English
  • Club Status: #Club100
  • Community Roles: Social Media Moderator on SteemFoods, active member on SteemWomen Club, Steem Venezuela, and World of XPilar
  • Curation Experience: No
  • History: joined Steemit in January 2018 (4 years and 4 months)



  • Nationality: Turkish
  • Languages: Turkish, English
  • Club Status: #Club100
  • Community Roles: Moderator at SteemWomen Club
  • Curation Experience: @steemwomensclub account
  • History: joined Steemit in March 2018 (4 years and 2 months)



  • Nationality: Indian
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Bhojpuri
  • Club Status: #Club100
  • Community Roles: Moderator in Steemindia and active member in steem foods.
  • Curation Experience: No
  • History: Joined Steemit in August 2021 (9 months)



  • Nationality: Bangladeshi
  • Languages: English, Bengali
  • Club Status: #Club100
  • Community Roles: Moderator in steemphotos and active member in steem infinity zone, Steem database.
  • Curation Experience: No
  • History: Joined Steemit in June 2021 (11 months)

SteemCor07, Willing to Do Our Best

Our team will curate only users who have been verified by the Newcomer's community, so they have approved at least Achievement 1. They must be actively participating in different communities (at least regularly posting and commenting). They must have a single account for this.

Needless to say, we categorically condemn account farming. We have 7 members from different countries which will cover 10 different languages like Urdu, Punjabi, English, Indonesian, Russian, Azerbaijan, Turkish, Spanish, Hindi, Bhojpuri and Bengali.

We Have Set Standards

Our Team will only curate posts which meet the standards below:

  • The post uses all due tags.
  • The user complies with the rules of #club5050, #club75 or #club100.
  • The user's CSI is above 5% and preferably does not have self-votes.
  • The post is properly formatted.
  • The post has more than 300 words and is quality content.
  • The post is free from all kinds of plagiarism:
    • Images are properly identified and hyperlinked to their original source if necessary. They must be copyright free and available for commercial use.
    • All external audiovisual material used as support in the post must be licensed for commercial use.
  • Users do not buy votes or use Bid-Bots.

Making the Most of the Voting Power

When voting on a post, the voting power will always be above 80%. In addition, as the voting will be continuous, the voting power will be in constant use, taking advantage of the greatest benefit for effective curation.

We Are an Organized Team

We have established a curatorial schedule to cover as many posts in each week as possible: One curator for each day and always two replacements available to fill in for any eventuality that prevents a curator from working on duty.



We will curate all the tags #art, #crafts, #photography, #music, #poetry, #creative and #writing every day by each member. We didn't fix each day for them because some users didn't post on that fix day and not get support. So, we will try to support maximum users.

We Know How to Handle Plagiarism

We will not tolerate plagiarism of any kind. When we detect plagiarism for the first time by a user, we will proceed to evaluate this user's profile to determine if he/she has passed Achievement 3. If the user has not passed Achievement 3, we will encourage him/her to do so. In case of repeated plagiarism, we will notify @endingplagiarism and offer due proof.

All images and text coming from external sources must be copyright free and be under license for commercial use.

Among the tools we will use to catch plagiarism, we find: Google lense and SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker.

SteemCor07 is here to work seriously, to provide support for quality posts (meeting the already mentioned standards), to encourage engagement, and to help make Steem Great!

Sincerely Yours,
Steemcor07 Curator Team


Que gran equipo, le deseo el mejor de los éxitos a todos @deepak94, @f2i5, @marlyncabrera, @mrsokal, @revan746, @ashkhan y @tugcenindolabi.

Thank you @alicargofer. We really appreciate your support.

Muchas gracias por apoyar al equipo, @alicargofer. Ojalá tengamos oportunidad :)

Thank you for support.

Thanks for your wishes.

Thank you so much

My brothers @deepak94 and @revan746 are both really hard working people, and I hope that this team gets selected. Because I know how deserving both of these people are. I would also like to know other team members.

Best of luck to the team.

Thanks my friend for your kind word 😊.

Thank you for you support. Hope for the best.

Thanks for your support, @cryptogecko :)

Thank you, my brother

I believe we're a good Team. Let us hope for the best 💯❤️

Good luck for us all, @ashkhan!

Yes we all believe that this team have a potential.

Thanks for your confidence, @shubhambhagat :)

aap ke team ke liye dher saari bdhai .

Dhanaywad @akrai hmara utsah bdhane ke liye

Thank you for support.

All of my team members have started from the ground level and will work hard to curate the posts of all steemit members and bring their hard work in front of everyone.
All the best 😺 . Hope we will win this time and get opportunity to help more and more my steemit family.

Congratulations to my friend @deepak94 and his team .
I think you all of them doing a great job if opportunity is given .

Thank you for support. Hope for the best.

Thanks brother for your support.

Those are really kind words, @shubhambhagat. Much appreciated :)

Wow what a nice team you have build. most members of the team are in #club100. You do your best lets see what happend next. Best of luck...

Thanks for support. Hope for the best.

Thanks for your kind supportive words.
Hope we got a chance

Thanks for your kind words and good wishes, @malikusman1 :)

My well wishes to this team . All the very best 💟.

Thank you for support dear.

Thanks for your good wishes, @varsha001 :)

All the very best steemcor07 .

Thank you for support.

Aap logo ki team dekh kr khusi hui . Aapka pryas safal ho...

Bht shukria.

dhanyawad mere mitra .

Wish you all the best, the theme is really outstanding

Thanks for your well wishes 💗.

Thank you for kind words dear friend.

I'm in love with this theme. Thanks for your good wishes, @drhira :)

Un gran equipo y la representación por Venezuela no pudo ser mejor la amiga @marlyncabrera ha demostrado ser una persona muy dedicada y objetiva. Suerte y éxitos!!

Muchas gracias por tus lindas palabras de apoyo, @tremaria :)

Thank you for your support and kind words dear.

I have read from your profiles and I believe you all will make a good theme.

I wish you guys the very best!

Good luck!

Thank you for your kind support and prayers.

You're really kind, @monjuapollonia. Thanks for your lovely words :)

Thank you for your support.

Thanku @monjuapollonnia. We try our best

I believe. We have a very strong team of friends. 6 Members with #club100 and 1 on #club75.
We hope to be elected.

@deepak94, @marlyncabrera, @mrsokal, @revan746 and @tugcenindolabi.

Let's us hope for the best, @f2i5. I think we have a strong, multicultural team willing to do things right and with heart :)

That must be my friend @marlyncabrera. Working well with the #steemit and #steem platform growth goals is our main mission.

Inshallah this time we try our best. We try to make stronger team than others. Hope for the best.

Yes we have made a strong team. Hope this time we did it.

Tim yang mantap dan lengkap dari berbagai negara dan berbagai komunitas... Semoga sukses untuk anda semua

Terimakasih atas dukungan anda @abialfatih. Kami sangat menghargainya.

Sukses juga buat anda.

Sama sama bang...

Thank you for support.

Sempurna! Selamat kepada Bapak @deepak94 @f2i5 @marlyncabrera @mrsokal @revan746 @ashkhan dan @tugcenindolabi. Sungguh Tim yang tangguh karena semua dilatarbelakangi oleh pengalaman hebat dan kerja keras di platform dan community.

Thank you for kind words and support. Hope for the best.

Terimakasih atas dukungannya pak @ridwant, Sungguh kami berharap untuk bisa bekerja lebih baik.

Sama sama pak @f2i5 ¡ kami yakin tim anda mampu untuk itu...

Terimakasih Banyak pak @ridwant

Sama sama pak.

Thanks for your acknowledgement and kind words, @ridwant :)

Thanks for giving blessings my friend.

you are welcome mr. @deepak94

all the very best to all the member of this team.
I think your team is best and fullfil all the criteria for this application.

Thank you for support.

Thanks brother for your wishes.

Wish You 🤞 luck. I hope this team will get selected Insha Allah

Inshallah, thank you for support.

Great team, I wish you all best of luck for the application 👍

Thank you for support.

Thank you so much, @sameer07. Let's hope for the best :)

This team has very great potential alot of hard work behind each of them.Best of luck

Thanku @shanza for your kind words

Thank you for support dear.

Good luck guys.

Thanks @amit001 for your blessings.

You have made a superb team.

Good team you all of them made . All the very best

Thank you for support.

Thanks buddy .

Lge rho mehnat rang layegi..

Thanks for blessings 🙏.

Its looks very good teams all of them knows many language it will be helpful for curating all over steemit platform.

Thanks young 🌱 one 😊

Nyc team i think you all of them doing a great job.

Thanku @ravi001 for the great supportive words.

Superb intiative with creative team you made @ashkhan.

Thanks Bhai.

chahh gaiylaa Deepak bhai aehi tarh kaam kara

Haan Bhai bihaar ke lala har jagh chayengai....😉

I wish success to the team, I believe we will win.

Yes @revan746 we all of the team members are so active on this platform and want to do something better if we get a chance.

Yes, Inshallah this time we want to win because our team is stronger than last time. Hope for the best.

Oh, that'd be a great opportunity to do something good for Steemit, @revan746. Let us hope for the best :)

I hope everything will be fine

Thank you for choosing our community.

Thank you for support. Hope for the best.

@revan746, 5 il 2 ay?
Az zaman deyil) Uğur olsun😊

Thank you for support.

Bir igidin ömrüdür. Münasibət bildirdiyin üçün təşəkkürlər.

SALAM alaikom Everyone🙋🏻‍♂️ Here is an interesting World... I feel myself so much happy in here with You. My Friends we are together Steemit Family... I'm proud of with You. Thanks for that amazing organization🙏
And again Thanks especially to @revan746 and memers of our community, because created that community😍🤗♥️🤝 I wish good luck to all.WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER🤝💪 ALLAH bless You. AMİN İNŞƏƏALLAH🤲

Thank you for support and kind words. With your prayers Inshallah we will win. Ameen.

You are welcome. I'm happy for our Friendship 😍🤝

Thank you for your amazing support @orxan-m-50

Nice to meet you

You are welcome My Friend. Really this is so much amazing and interesting. Because there are kilometers between us but we are friends. Again thanks to Steemit Community and thanks to Bro @revan746🤝 I'm happy and glad nice to meet You too🤗🤝♥️


Buyur. Xoşdur

Good luck to all... Especially to @revan746... Best Friend👍

Thank you for support.

You are welcome My Friend🙏

To You too🙏😍🤝

Aleykum salam. Bu platformanı da ancaq @revan746 kimi 5 il 2 ay qədər uzun müddət əziyyət çəkmiş əmin əllərə əmanət etmək olar. Doğru seçim edəcəklərinə inanaraq ,uğurlar arzu edirəm, inşallah seçim sizdən yana olar Rəvan bəy :)

Thank you for your support. Hope for best.

This is really a big appreciation for us. Thanks darling. I hope we get a chance.

Thanks for supporting us.

Thnks for your support, @alsum. Cheers!

Hər kəsi salamlayıram. Bu çox məsuliyyətli işdir. İnanıram ki, seçilən şəxs üzərinə düşən vəzifəni ləyaqətlə yerinə yetirəcək. 2017-ci ildən bu platformada birgə layihələr üzərində çalışan və yerini heç vaxt tərk etməyən və indi hər kəsi ətrafına toplaya bilən @revan746 -nı dəstəkləyirəm. Steemkurator üzvü olan digər dostlarımıza uğurlar arzulayıram. İnanıram ki, onlardan hər hansı biri seçilsə belə, yeni layihələrlə hamını bir araya gətirəcək, sistemin inkişafı üçün maraqlı işlər görəcək.

Hello everyone. This is a very responsible job. I believe that the elected person will fulfill his duty with dignity. I support @revan746, who has been working on joint projects on this platform since 2017 and has never left his place and can now gather everyone around him. I wish success to our other friends who are members of Steemcurator. I believe that even if any of them is elected, it will bring everyone together with new projects and do interesting work for the development of the system.

Thank you for kind words and support. Yes @revan746 is great user that's I choose him as a team member. Hope for the best.

Hope to be the best. Hopefully we can represent. Nice to meet friends in Azerbaijani country. Yes, We are with great friend @revan746 hoping for support to do better.

Thank you for your attention and care. İt is an honor for us.

Your so sweet to offer words of support for your freind and for the team, @famil. It means a lot to us. Cheers!

Thank you for your valuable words. you are also lucky to be one of the chosen ones in the steemit community. Sincerely ...

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