Application for Community Curator Team, June 2024- Team X-Women

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Hello dear friends, today I will be presenting our application for curator of the Steemit community, for the month of June, 2024.

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This month is special, we are going to apply for teams, this gives us the possibility of interacting with new, different people, and share this experience of being a curator.

For this month we have gathered from three different places in the world: Nigeria, Pakistan, and Venezuela. We are three women of different nationalities, countries, and languages ​​and with different profiles. We are not sharing communities or any common project on Steemit, but we do share the commitment and desire to contribute to the Steemit community through the role of Curator.

Here our application:



Hello, my greetings to you, I am so happy for this opportunity given to me to work with you as a team, my username is @mesola, A mother of 4 beautiful kids, 3 boys and a girl.

I got recruited in August 2021 but I wrote my introduction post in October 2021 and since then I have been active till date, I am very Free with English language and ibibio, I am Nigerian and I base here in my country.

I am a moderator in healthy steem for 9 months now and in steemkids about 5 months now
My experiences so far on the platform are awesome, even though sometimes challenges are bound to occur, but nevertheless giving up is not an option no matter what.

LanguagesEnglish, Ibibio
Country of residenceNigeria
Own SP6466.13 SP
Delegationssteemkidss 515.673
steemladies 1011.223

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My steem journey started in February 2018. Amidst all exploration and experimentation, I didn't realize where the last six years went. I made sure that my presence counts by being expressive and sharing opinions about everything that happens here.

It wasn't just all "talk", during this time, I had the pleasure of taking up multiple responsibilities which I think of as challenges and experiences. I had been a moderator in Steem Women's Club, Steemit Pakistan, and Steem Kids for a long time. I have worked as a Greeter in the Newcomers' community and also played my role as the Country Representative of Pakistan. I also had the chance to curate as a Community Curator for 5 consecutive months in two different teams. I have also started working on promoting Steem to professionals on LinkedIn.

I was born and raised in Pakistan and still live there. I am an Urdu native and also proficient in English.

LanguagesUrdu, English.
Country of residencePakistan
Own SP6,554.93

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I am Venezuelan, my career leans towards education, I studied tourism, I like cultural diversity as well as languages ​​and Steemit is for me a way to put my knowledge into practice. My native language is Spanish, and I also understand English.

I started on Steemit in March 2018, from that moment until now my passion has been writing, sharing, guiding, supporting.

In short, I am currently one of the Steem Representatives, Greeter in the Newcomer community, Moderator and administrator in the Steem Venezuela community, Curator for Team Burn.

I am constantly trying to absorb the changes that are necessary to move towards the best place for Steem, which will benefit all lovers of the platform. I like challenges and the fact that we all overcome ourselves individually and as a community. I have good expectations with the changes, I always hope for the best.

LanguagesSpanish, English
Country of residenceVenezuela
Own SP74,765.91
Delegationsteamvenezuela 12,053.358
recreative Steem 1,062.249

The total sum of our SP is: 81,320.84.

This has been our application, we hope to be selected, and give our best.

divblue Dots_Divider.png

Thank you so much.

Best regards,



Deseo que sean elegidas, porque estoy segura que trabajarán muy bien juntas.
Éxito y más éxito.
Saludos cordiales.
Muchas Bendiciones..🙏🏻

Thank you very much for Wishing us well

Muchas gracias querida 🤗

Thank you for your confidence in us. (:

What do I see? Someone pinch me immediately! @event-horizon wants to be the curator! Well girls, you made my day! I wish your team to be selected :-)

Great team!

She told me yes! 😄thanks for your good wishes🙂

Is it that shocking? 😄

Yes, I'm a little surprised 🙂.

I suppose curation is something I can handle. It feels nice to be able to support good content. (:

Thank you boss, we appreciate your well wishes

Un gran trabajo el que ustedes tendrán en ésta temporada.

Me llena de mucha felicidad saber que personas sinceras y constantes nos acompañen en este maravilloso camino.

Bendiciones para todas.

Muchas gracias por tus palabras amiga, lo aprecio mucho 🤗

I appreciate you

Thank you for your kinds words.

Waooo this is good, I pray we are selected, I am ready to put in my best. Team work is the best.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Let's hope to be selected and do well. Thanks for joining us🤗🙂

I'm sure we'll rock as a team, if we are selected. (:

Great pplication and awesome woman team. Bestbof luck for all of you guys..

Greetings and success

Thank you so much 🤗

Thank you so much boss


A very good application, nice combination. Good luck 🤞

Thank you so much.

Thank you boss

Nice team, I wish you all good luck.

Thank you so much.

Thank you my friend

The new rules are really catchy. Hope something good is going to happen. Your team is very nice. Best wishes and prayers for your team.

Thanks for your good wishes.

Thanks for wishing us well 🙏

New rules are inivting all. Let's see how things unfold next month.


You made great team for next role. Best wishes from my side.

Thank you my friend

Thank you so much.

What a wonderful and awesome Publication, indeed women are really doing well on this platform and I'm wishing you all the very best don't just bother much because you all will be selected. I'm wishing you all the best.
Best regards from @princelafresh

Thank you my friend

You're welcome😊

There are many powerful teams this time making the competition tough. But thank you for your confidence in us.

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