Community Curators for September - Application by @drqamu

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Hello lovely community, hope you are all Hale and hearty. I take this moment to submit my application for kind consideration by the Steemit team for the monthly curator's team. As an attempt to decentralise the selection process, every individual has been given a chance to apply so here we go :


A summary of your history on Steam.

Steam has been abutting me since Sep 2020 and I have participated in almost all the initiatives of the Steemitblog. To begin with Newcomers Achievement Program, themes of Steem for better life played a vital role in retaining me for the initial critical period. Weekly contests organised by steemitblog in addition to the crypto academy trading courses have been among the prime activities that I have been taking part in. Besides the team trading contest, I also enjoyed participating in the Steemit engagement challenges.

Steem team has been so supportive that my time on steem has been valued time and again while rewarding me on weekly best posts and recently I have been nominated as one of the winners of the season by the crypto academy.

Details of specialist or professional skills or expertise you have in ‘real life.

I am a medical doctor by profession and so I am a health expert. Besides my primary profession, I trade stocks equities and options indices along with crypto futures and spots.

As for any position on Steemit is concerned, I have been approached by many team leaders to be part of their teams and many of them have served their roles well after selection. I was reluctant to be part of any team as I wasn't mentally prepared and I thought I couldn't do justice to my position. As of now, I have made up my mind to work with any team and I am hopeful that I'll be doing justice with any allotted position.

What country do you live in and what languages you can read fluently?

I am from INDIA and I can read languages like English, Urdu and Hindi besides my mother tongue Kashmiri. Urdu and Hindi are our primary languages of communication and English is our primary language in professional life. So I am equally good at all three.

Your key stats - own SP, CSI, Reputation, Delegations.


Reputation; 72.521
Voting CSI: 11.6
SP: 2570 +
Delegate out: 700+

Any subjects you particularly enjoy curating.

Being a health professional I enjoy content related to health. The health-related content doesn't necessarily include information about disease and drugs but it would include a diverse range of topics like the impact of lifestyle on health, food and nutrition, drugs and diseases, and new health research. In addition, I love to read articles on science and technology as well. Moreover, I enjoy reading the diaries of people.

The minimum team size you would be willing to serve in (1 - 7).

I have no issue working alone or in a team ranging from 1 to 7. If curation demands me to work individually on a subject of my expertise, I have no objection and if teamwork is mandatory, I have no objection to work in a team.




Nice to see you coming forward for this initiative. I am sure you would make a ood curator.

You are pro user of Steemit but due to some reason you couldn't stay consistent . Your indept understanding of platform is adorable and you would have been holding good postion here. Anyways , you can regain your activities here and enlighten us .

Thanks for validating my application.

You mentioned that everyone is now eligible but repo and SP are still baring some people. Since you have submitted a well drafted application , wish you best of luck.

Yes there are requirements for every position and repo of 65 and SP of 2500 are the two mandatory criterias . However , it is noteworthy that these are monthly applications and anyone falling short on any of these conditions can cope up in coming months and apply.

Thanks for going through my application.

You have written a well detail application my friend, you are a very committed and dedicated steemian and i have no doubt that if you are given the chance you will do even more better. I wish you success my friend.

Thanks for compliment. Let's hope for the best . You are a wonderful steemian too.

Another powerful application from another powerful steemian.

An apply as yours will give the steemit team a tough time is selecting other users.

You have well formatted your post, obeyed all the rules of the steemit team, you are not acting out of hypocrisy like other steemians that are submitting their application.

I believe that you will give in your best once this job is given to you, I wish you the very best @drqamu

Kindly drop a comment and upvote on my application just as I have on your application.

Your comments are highly appreciated.
Here's the link to my application

An apply as yours will give the steemit team a tough time is selecting other users.

I don't think so . We have many more great users who are inspiration for me .

I believe that you will give in your best once this job is given to you, I wish

I'll try my best to comply.

Surely I'll visit your post .

I have been following you keenly since cryptoacademy courses . You have a great profile and you are gonna rock soon .

Surely I'll try to do my best to comply with the community guidelines

Wow. Great application brother. You are really a smart working user on the platform and you have been a great content creator so far.

Wishing you a very great luck. I hope that you will be able to secure this position, Inshallah.

Thanks for the good wishes . I have been trying my best on the platform since begining and will keep it up irrespective of postion .

Undoubtedly, you have the talent to get used to it, your understanding of crypto is exemplary.
Good luck for this wonderful application, hope you are selected

Thanks for standing by and validating my applications . Your compliments are highly encouraging.

You are one of the users on Steem with deep experience in the ecosystem. Without any doubt, I believe you know what curation is all about and you'd perform excellently if assigned to a curation role within your field of interest. Good luck, @drqamu.

Your validation of my application means alot to me bcoz i have been your student in cryptoacademy in all seasons . I am pleased and feel empowered to have you by myside .

Surely I'll try my best to fullfill responsiblities if assigned.

This is the first time I am seeing curator application post from your account, I hope that you get selected in one of the teams. Best wishes brother.

Thank you for your good wishes .

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