CurationKiwi Daily Upvote Log 08-27-2020

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Welcome to the daily upvote log for @CurationKiwi, and thank you for stopping by!

Since the last post, we have...

upvoted 4 posts from the following members -

Here's a random selection of posts we voted today:

submitted 4 bids to @drotto.

@CurationKiwi is a bot using @Rishi556's VoteFun code to provide upvotes through our Discord (linked here) for free! All you have to do is join our Discord, go to the room labeled #curationkiwi, and use the command !upvote (post link), and you will receive upvotes.

As of right now, votes are free for everyone. This bot is currently funded by the upvotes we receive from posts, so feel free to leave us an upvote on this post to help support our cause and give us a larger upvote to spend on people.

What's the Curation part of @CurationKiwi mean?

This is where you guys can earn some extra rewards! If you have an upvote value above 0.01, you earn curation rewards for upvoting posts. It's often not much, around 0.001 to 0.002 per post, but it adds up the more you upvote. That's where we come in!

CurationKiwi has a curation trail set up on Steemauto for all to join. The curation trail automatically upvotes whatever posts @CurationKiwi upvotes, so you don't have to go out and look for posts to upvote yourself. You can join our curation trail here and let us do the dirty work of finding posts to upvote, and you can just sit back and receive curation rewards.

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