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RE: July 18 -- Steemit Ramble #102 -- Don't You Hate Missing Good Posts?

in #curation3 years ago

I'm glad to discover your rambles! This one was re-steemed by @rebeccaryan.

You're right, it can be a challenge to find the quality stuff on here, even within the tags we're interested in.

I'm always so grateful when someone reads my stuff. I mean, they could have used that time to look at anything: video games, movies, social media feeds, porn. Or they could go outside and take a walk. So I'm always thinking, "Is there someone out there who would rather read this than play a video game?" or, "How can I keep their eyes off the porn for a few more minutes?"

You've got some good selections here. They've kept me reading, so thanks for that!


thank you for your kind words @winstonalden ... there are people who actually enjoy reading good content, or they wouldn't bother with my rambles :) they would just be rambling in the wilderness