Upvote Shares Update | 200k SPORTS Staked + 1000 DBLOG & More

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Upvote Shares is a project from @costanza that aims to provide Daily Upvotes to quality content creators based on a fair model that is proving to be sustainable and scalable over time. More insights on the Model Mechanics and curation Reward Dividends can be found here & here.

Things have slowed down a bit and it's been a month since the last update when Level 20 opened up. The account continues to grow and nearly reached enough SP to move on to Level 21. This means unsold stakes will be burned which increases the returns for each share. This mechanic should increase the demand again as we move forward. I also increased some of the Tribe tokens that give extra value to Shareholders that are using them.


Sportstalk has recently dipped in price and I manually increased the Staked SPORTS from 82k to 200k now and have set the multiplier to x5 which means a 20% upvote on Steemit gives a 100% upvote with SPORTS. A 100% upvote now adds around 165 SPORTS value to a post.


Dblog is a relatively new tribe that accepts every type of content and I manually added it staking 1000 DBLOG looking to increase this over time. It is currently set with a multiplier of x3. So everyone who wants can add the DBLOG tag to their posts!

-TribePrevious StakedCurrent StakedMultiplier
Steemit5120 STEEM5357 STEEM1x
Steemleo500 LEO500 LEO5x
Palnet800 PAL925 PAL2x
Sportstalk82000 SPORTS200000 SPORTS5x
Dblog0 DBLOG1000 DBLOG3x

Steemauto vs Steemrewarding

The program has been using Steemauto since the start which has worked great but I will start experimenting a bit with Steemrewarding (thanks to @kharma.scribbles to mention this along with it's features to me). The main purpose of using steemrewarding will be as a way to increase some quality control as it allows to skip upvotes on certain tags or words. I will start using them to counter those who still make Actifit shitposts that have nothing personalized to them. So for those who still make these kinds of posts, now it's the time to improve upon them before being moved to steemrewarding which will no longer upvote them.

Level 20 Available Shares & Completion

Currently, 16 Shares are still available for Level 20 which can still be bought (former @upvotebuilders still can benefit from the promo). I will be closing down completing level 20 regardless if they go out or not putting in the needed SP that is left and burning the shares next week to move the program onto the next level also paying out the curation reward dividends and resetting the @minnowshare upvotes to the newly sponsored account.

That's about it for this update. As always, if there are questions or suggestions feel free to let me know and all earnings from this post will be used to grow this project and the value of it's shareholders...


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Now I understand why I suddenly had an increase in Dblog tokens! Thanks for that.
I am willing to take one of the available shares for level 20.
Let me know if they are still available and how much steem I have to send.


Done, feel free to let me know here or on discord who you want the sponsorships to go to.

Nice progress! I would like to buy two of the remaining shares if that's still possible.


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No problem @erikklok. Make sure you know standarized Actifit posts will soon be blocked to give out upvotes from the program by using steemrewarding instead of steemauto. There is no problem when they are made in a way that they are a bit more personalized (DIfferent image or post title).

If you still want the extra shares feel free to send the steem to this account and I'll add them!

Thanks for letting me know. I expected it before and I'll change my (lazy) actifit habits. What's the current price for two shares?

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I found it myself. You should have received the payment.

Sorry for the delay @erikklok it's done now

2 Shares [Share 1038 & 1039] have been assigned to you and your upvote % has been increased to 45%. (it will likely drop a bit when I complete this level as the voting power doesn't seem to be holding up above 80% keeping the upvotes at 3% for each share.)

Feel free to let me know who you want to sponsor!


Awesome! I like to sponsor @pundito and @peekbit

Nice update @upvoteshares / @costanza! Great to see the program still rolling along and the steps you have taken to optimize our membership in it.

I like the "Executive Summary" table you've built to show us what is "in the bank," as far as STEEM and the various tokens, with their respective multipliers.

While I have heard of it, I don't know much about SteemRewarding. Future comments on your impressions will be welcome. As time permits, I'll try to remember to take a closer look at it.

Thanks for all of your hard work to keep it going!

P.S. Nice to see the LEO tokens in the mix, as these are the most valuable ones I have. Guess it is at least some indication of how well the administrators / leaders are doing in overseeing that "tribe."

Thanks @roleerob,

I quickly checked out steemrewarding and it has a ton of options to filter out what gets upvoted. I'll make sure to let you know my impressions once I've used it.

LEO is indeed doing a lot of good things and implementing many burn mechanics. I like how the fees to withdraw from their dex are lower compared to steem-engine with that fee being used to buy leo and burn it.

One more share if there is one left, will check back in about 8 hours, thanks.

Sorry for the 3 day delay @bashadow, I'm usually quite busy during the weekend.

I already asinged the extra share to you, feel free to send the 4.7 steem for it whenever you can. Share 1040 has been assigned to you and I'll give the sponsorship again to same person unless you state otherwise. Your upvote % has been increased to 51% (it will likely come down a bit for everyone once the level is complete to make the voting power hold up).


Not a problem at all, money will be sent, and yes the sponsorship is the same thank you. Busy weekends beat the heck out of boring weekends, or extremely cold weekends.

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