Upvote Shares Level 18 Curation Dividend Payouts & Progression

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Upvote Shares is a project from @costanza that aims to provide Daily Upvotes based on a fair model that is proving to be sustainable and scalable over time. More insights on the Model Mechanics can be found here. HF21 brought aCuration Reward Dividends Mechanism that will pay out part of the curation rewards each time a new level is about to be opened up.

I can't say I'm overly optimistic about the warzone Steemit is right now. Everything has turned way more toxic with the free downvotes and extremely hypocritical with the 'honest curation' facade. Right now it's all about bending content to what's popular and praying to the curation gods. From my experience, being able to build up small consistent upvotes is something that works get people hooked on the platform making them stick to it. With the non-linear reward curve this was pretty much thrown out of the window. The @upvoteshares project is in it for the long run and still provides all active shareholders good value. I will continue moving up to next levels and see where everything goes...

All payouts should have been sent. As always, feel free to let me know if I made a mistake somehow...

Upvotes continue to be spread around between all active shareholders and the account also stopped self-upvoting its posts right now as an extra way to give more to its shareholders to make sure the good returns remain present despite the 50/50 reward split.

-Level 15Level 16Level 17Level 18
Account SP3878 STEEM4180 STEEM4514 STEEM4806 STEEM
Total Shares800850900950
Saved STEEM189.047 STEEM209.180 STEEM221.330 STEEM228.480 STEEM
PAL (x2)604 PAL665 PAL704 PAL750 PAL
LEO (x5)500 LEO500 LEO500 LEO500 LEO

Level 19 Reservations

I will be moving away from Share reservations and just open up new levels as they arrive from now on. There is less an issue of Levels being sold out instantly right now and it will save me a whole lot of time that I'm no longer willing to invest. Existing shareholders will always be put first when it comes down to being able to get more shares so there should be no problem getting in for those that want to

I'm not sure when the next level will be opened up, likely on Monday 04/11/2019 or Wednesday 06/11/2019...

As always, all tokens received from upvotes on this post will be powered up and increase the returns for all Shareholders. Feel free to post remarks, suggestion, questions in the comments below. Thanks everyone for the support and enjoy the daily upvotes!


Family crisis has me away more than usual @upvoteshares / @costanza, but fully supportive, as always. Thanks for all you do for all of your program's shareholders!

Thanks @roleerob, I hope everything is alright with your Family!

Thank you kindly for the well wishes @upvoteshares. We are grateful the immediate crisis is behind us, involving the threat of the premature entry into this world of a tiny, new life. Now we wait. Hopefully for weeks, while our family member is in the hospital, since the child needs to develop inside his mother’s womb. Man cannot replicate this …


Hi there!

I was willing to take 3 more Shares but since @abh12345 started flagging my posts and the only reason I see is because I use programs like this, I won't be getting anymore Shares anytime soon.

This is the only comment i am going to make on the matter. Even if you have never written anything negative on those accounts (which you have admitted to have had control of at least one), what you have done is allow the writer to be verbally abusive to members of our blockchain.

@costanza, I will buy this guys shares if need be.

It was the other way around. He was the owner and I used his account for a while...

Those fights were the reason I started a new account for myself.

I truly apologise, either way.

Hey @trincowski, I'm not up to date with any of the drama.

If being part of this program would be a reason for the flaggers to give downvotes, God help Steem because not much will be able to save it. I'm sure this entire war will blow over eventually as it's highly inconsistent to begin with. I will continue to keep an eye on it, right now I haven't experienced any issue myself when it comes down to being part of this project.

"If being part of this program would be a reason for the flaggers to give downvotes, God help Steem because not much will be able to save it."

No, it wasn't. A few hours later, I've found out the reason of the flags. It's all a big mix-up and I hope they will leave me in peace. It's funny how they flag people instead of trying to talk with users first. They shoot first, ask later. 😐

Dang, and I just recently got around to auto reserving one share each round. Okay, will wait for the post. Thanks for the dividend, mine was received.

No worries @ bashadow, you will be able to get in each new round that opens up. Existing shareholders will have at least a 3 day period after a level is opened up getting priority for the new shares.

Great, I sent in my steem for my one share. Thank you.

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