Guide To @thundercurator Services - Updated with New Features - Please Read!

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What is @thundercurator?

@thundercurator is a curation service that guarantees profitable upvote (300%+), personalized comment and resteem of your original, quality content. This service is my call to action after being on this platform and seeing incredible content go unrewarded and unnoticed. I pln on making this service a "household" name on this platform, and assisting the other services to bring to light the best content on the steemit platform.

How to use @thundercurator.

There are very few rules with this service.

  • First, you MUST become a follower of @thundercurator. Click the "follow" tab on the top banner.
  • Submitted articles must not be older than 3.5 days.
  • Using your Steemit wallet, transfer the required SBD to @thundercurator with the link of your article in the "memo" section.
  • Current fee to use this service (as of 2/19/2018) is 0.02 SBD which guarantees a 0.06+ SBD upvote. For an incognito vote the fee is 0.21 (no comment from @thundercurator) which guarantees a 0.06+ SBD upvote.

Make even MORE money with @thundercurator for free!

Investors, be part of a 75% profit share pool by delegating SP to @thundercurator!

All earnings after curation will be divided up between SP investors and transferred to their account. The remaining rewards will be used to invest into powering up the service.


If you believe in this service, or it's creator @entrepreneur916, feel free to donate SBD or SP to be used to power up this service. @thundercurator has a noble mission to help bring awareness to great content and new steemit users.

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Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:

Great, before I take your services I just want to ask you if your offer is actually, because this post is 6 month old.

Hello! If you visit our blog you can see how we currently operate. We have a tier level system which you can read about here. The price for our service is currently 0.15 SBD for a vote with our comment or 0.151 SBD for a vote with no comment (incognito). Let us know if you have any questions!!!

Ok, thanks for these information.