Giving 250 Steem to an awesome steemian

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Have you heard of @shibasaki?

Not likely, but I want to change that.

Meet @shibasaki

@shibasaki has been on Steem for over a year posting original engaging Watercolor painting tutorials. He has a YouTube following of over 213,000 users.

@shibasaki has 883 followers and has 96 posts. @shibasaki is also an active curator at @c-squared. He also helps out other Steemians learn how to watercolor.

If you haven't checkd out his YouTube channel, I highly suggest you do. He reminds me a lot of Bob Ross.

"Harumichi Shibasaki is a published artist and teacher of art in the medium of watercolour, besides being also a terrific person, full with warmth and joy of life, a great cook and a passionate curator of art. He resides in Japan but he would travel to various locations for his art. Currently, he is involved with YouTube Japan to launch their studio in Tokyo. He has thousands of subscribers on his youtube channel and he is passionate about growing the quality and art contents on Steemit."

@shibasaki on YouTube

I sent @shibasaki 250 Steem

I transfered 250 Steem to @shibasaki as powered up Steem. I appreciate all the original content he brings to Steem and his amazing attitude.

I would love to see him hit 1,000 followers.
Think you guys can help out with that?


ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴


I am deeply proud of receiving the words from you.

I am willing to convey all the techniques I gained, without hiding. And I hope that it will be someone's help. @themadcurator, Thank you so much for the support!! ☺️

Right now I'm going to follow you on YouTube and I'll see all your content here on Steem. I'm going to promote you throughout our Hispanic community especially art lovers. It would be great if Steem promotions on your YouTube channel. What a joy to have your quality here

You can share your YouTube videos with the Steem blockchain using @share2steem 😊👍🏼

Nice to meet you sr.

informasi yang sangat bagus

@shibasaki - great to see you being honored here! I commented in a separate comment, and am glad we had been in contact for some time now. I have a earmark folder on my computer for outstanding Steemit artists, and you are included.

hello shibasaki it is nice to meet a watercolor guru

@shibasaki, I would love you to help me with these wonderful techniques for the projects with the children of Venezuela, I only imagine the art embodied in a shirt, or a dress.
It is fabulous your talent, good given by God, definitely.

Always good to see steemians helping each other out. Add one more tally to that follow count

Followed. The art community on Steem is one of the true highpoints of the ecosystem, and having a real top quality artist here producing mind blowing content is a real sign of the potential we have here.
Best regards to you for highlighting this guy and kudos for the gift to him.

yeah, their passion in arts is truly amazing. Makes you think that there's nothing impossible with the help of imagination. :D

Your curation style has obviously overwhelmed any other curation initiative out there. Indeed "The Mad Curator!"

Noice, that's almost enough for a ticket to #CryptoJune


What a wonderful soul you are @themadcurator for supporting folks in Steemit.
Do you support any of the groups in Steemit through delegation of funds?

If so look at @steemitbloggers now known as Power House Creatives.
@jaynie started this group over a year ago and it continues to grow.
We are a diverse group coming together to build ourselves and others.
Thank you< my new friend. I now follow you.

I see most of your funds have been delegated to you. lol... well my next question is to consider curation of our group members. Thanks!

I just followed him on Steem and subscribed to his YT Channel. Thank you for the recommendation and keep up the good work supporting awesome Steemians!

This is what Steem/Steemit is all about. Hands down, an amazing and generous initiative here. A wise choice with traditional arts as well. Followed.

The minute I saw his work I was mesmerized and followed him ever since!!
Thank you for supporting him @themadcurator!

he is the best :D best best best <3

thank you for such a wonderful gift and for the engagement and for curating gorgeously <3 <3 <3

Shibasaki-sensei is indeed one of the great! I am so happy that his talent and his warmth are recognised by the Mad Curator.
As I know him, he has a great passion about art, not only as an artist who continuously contributes great artworks for his audience to enjoy, but also as a teacher who shares his knowledge freely, and as a curator of art who genuinely wants to promote good artworks.      
Congratulations, Shibasaki-san! I wish you the best :).

Good finding! Subscribed, thanks! I also have more than 223K followers of my works at Behance :)

@shibasaki is a great artist!!!
I'm supporting him since a few months ;-)
Great choice @themadcurator

¿punoɟ ǝq ʎɹoʇs ɹnoʎ uɐɔ ǝɹǝɥM ˙ǝʌᴉʇɐǝɹɔ ǝʇᴉnb ǝɹɐ no⅄

My last post was not so creative... but it's an hommage to you ;-)
You can check my account for more weird stories :-)
Steemitri The Mannequin

@steemitri, You've been supporting me for a few months. Though I am not famous ;)
Thank you so much. You are a precious perso... mannequin to me!! :D I always love you, great mannequin!!

Nice job @themadcurator ! Just following to master of watercolour painting.

These are the kind of people Steemit needs. Good on you for focusing efforts to move fans to a better platform.

Great recommendation, thanks!


˙sᴉɥʇ ɟo ǝɹoɯ op oʇ suɐld ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

@shibasaki great thanks from our heart for ur sharp vision...

thanks for sharing @themadcurator.
I've been eager to start learning as I found my old watercolour box my Godmother offered me 20years ago. I miss her and I miss being creative.
As I've been going through all my belongings and applying the Konmari process to see what I take with me on my international move, that is part of what I want to take. Followed and looking forward to getting creative following you @shibasaki

Olè, followed! less than 50 followers remained now for the goal....

Followed, in those times is wonderfull to find a person that earn art. Thank you @shibasaki

Jiichan @shibasaki is an adorable, respected and talented artist ❤
Great curation @themadcurator !

I've been following him and his work and I think he's an amazing artist. Excellent choice and great initiative, well done!

Your curation is really mad, in a good way of course lol, it's unique stuff. The 250 Steem gift is off the charts, thanks for your effort.

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he is an awesome Artist <3

What a relaxed and skilled man. No wonder you send him the Steem.

What a cool move! :)

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This is such a wonderful gesture of your appreciation of @shibasaki's talent and spirit of kindness and generosity @themadcurator.

From all I've seen of @shibasaki's watercolours, both here on Steemit and on his YT channel, his techniques are varied and incredibly useful for anyone wanting to learn watercolour or extend their range of techniques.

Congratulations @shibasaki ~ Well deserved. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Yes is just checked the you tube ,and raly loved it

thanks for charing this

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Followed, thanks for all you're doing💞

That is amazing of you to do that. If I had money like that I would definitely also do that.

Well done @themadcurator :-D and you chose the perfect Steemian for your cause. He not only loves what he does, but shares his seasoned incite and creative techniques with the world. Not to mention the fact that he has a talent that should be commended. Congrats on this generous gift @shibasaki!

You nailed the perfect one....I saw his work and trust me it is worthfull. A new dimension in water Coloring.

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It's Steemians like you that make me proud to be here
That's an amazing gesture
Mad... a good kinda mad ;D

Its "mad" that we have so many amazing creators here barely anyone hears about because they dont write about how Stinc is crap and Ned sucks...
Steemit/Busy/Stemkrw/etc. Need to fix their trending page algorithms! Its so simple a highschool programming student could do it.

Thank you and your madness for introducing us to more morsels of delish content.

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That's really generous of you 👍.Is good to know people are rewarded for their good works.

Shibasaki-san seems like a very sympathetic man. I've been watching his lesson on drawing a straight like with a single stroke basically under a hypnotic spell. What a brilliant teacher!

@shibasaki is an amazing artist. He deserves like 10.000 followers and a lot of hugs and money and real appreciation. Congrats!

Thanks for recommending @shibasaki to us. You are totally right that he's a little bit like good ol' Bob:)

We can judge a person, from their friends are good or bad but this post have only high reputation steemians comments that is a worth of this MAD MAN.

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Good recommendation: Nice Post :)

Hi, pleasure to be your follower. Thanks for sharing of your tutoring thought. I like painting and creative things.

Followed @shibasaki and gave some well deserved votes! Thanks for sharing this STEEMian with us

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Great well deserved congratulations.

Thank you for promoting originality

I hadn't heard of him...but very excited to check out his content now! Thanks for putting the spotlight on this hardworking artist...he clearly deserves every bit of extra recognition. <3

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Wow really interesting, I did not know this user so creative and original. I also draw something humbly speaking ... to see if I encourage and learn from this talented artist. Thank you for sharing the talents that the platform possesses and giving them not only recognition but also making them more visible among us. A hug from Venezuela.

Gaborockstar separador de texto.png

Thank you @themadcurator for supporting this great artist! I never heard of him but his skillz a very impressive. Up&Re

Wow! That's an amazing thing to do! Thanks for being so kind. :)
BTW have you heard about us? "the-dodo"?

Great recommendation. We should see posts like this more often. I just followed him as well as you and upvoted the post. Cheers!

I had been following him here in Steemit and I watch his videos religiously in youtube. I'm learning tons from him!!!

I love his work and his youtube presence a master with watercolour for sure!

I was happy when I saw that he had joined steemit back then, wow a year now? This past year has just flown by.

Wow luar biasa

he's a kind and creative artist.

And he’s got a new follower! Very nice action from you @themadcurator😎🤙

I followed @shibasaki already for some time, after first encounter on nTOPAZ. In my decades of art experience, which includes having been a art critic and government juror, I had not often encountered someone with more skill in this very difficult medium. There are many artists on Steemit, but he belongs to the cream of the crop.

You are not The Mad Curator, you are The Awesome Mad Creator.
Great things come from great people and not always in the form of gifts in the form of inspiration, support, love, and kindness.
The Absolutely Awesome Mad Curator. :0)

siempre es bueno aprender tecnicas de pintura, saludos

Oh wow I never heard about him but I'll start to follow him and you

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