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In today's quest to find awesome posts by undervalued steemians, I decided to take a look at food-related articles. Just like in my own series What to Eat in Mexico, I prefer dishes that are tasty, healthy, and simple. Not surprisingly there is an OCEAN of food posts out there, so many in fact that I didn't even manage to scroll past the last 24 hours. As always, however, not all of them deserve the same mention.

Once again, I want to participate in @pifc's weekly Pay It Forward Contest, so the posts I highlighted have to meet their criteria. Sure, you can have the most delicious looking pics, but with less than 200 words accompanying it, I'll have to let you pass. Also, no matter how mouth-watering your alleged butter-chicken looks like, if the ingredients call for margarine instead of butter, I simply can't support it. Sorry!

Fortunately I did come across two really great posts. This is how you do it! They are so much more than mere recipes, instead they highlight the nutritional benefits of certain food items. One is about shrimp, the other deals with olives. Please take a moment to upvote these two talented steemians, so we may see more of their wonderful posts.

Perfect shripms - tips and recipes by @strongmalina

I'm a big fan of shrimp. I love the feeling as the soft crustacean meat breaks apart in my mouth, and I enjoy its oceanic taste as it flows together with the various herbs and spices in the many ways you can prepare it. But what is shrimp actually good for in your body? Until today my answer would have been "no clue". Thanks to @strongmalina's highly informative post I know so much more about it now.

Not only does this skilled blogger offer a list of health benefits of this enjoyable seafood, she provides some useful advise on what to look for when buying it, how to prepare it, and finally offers three different recipes: the first one being a classic Mediterranean style, another one a coconut-based way of making it from Thailand, the third is an exotic sounding recipe with peaches and basil.

The nutritional benefits of olives by @nickdeli

The second post I'd like to share here is not so much a recipe for a dish, but a nutritional overview of an ingredient in a huge variety of dishes, mainly from the Mediterranean: olives.

What are olives good for, and how so? @nickdeli just keeps listing factor after factor... Reading through his post makes me want to open a jar of olives and just snack on them on the side.

Looking at @nickdeli's profile, I noticed that it's not only his post about olives that is brand new. The author himself has been on steemit for only ONE DAY!!! So I recommend everyone to stop by his intro post to welcome him to this great platform. It's always wonderful to come across creators of great content.

So much for now, but next week I'll have more suggestions for great posts worth checking out, in my next Look What I Found issue.

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What a bad timing for me to check this, right before lunch, by the way it's been ages that I don't eat scrimps =/

Amazing post :)
I also like the diet, which is based on simple, high-quality products, it is tasty, easy and quick to make. That's why I decided to start a series of posts in the subject of food, nutrition and diet. Many people are looking for specific information on dietetics and nutrition, described in a simple way. I hope that many people will find specific information in my posts. Thank you @stortebeker for appreciating my work, it is very motivating. I leave my vote and follow :D


Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 42 is confirmed.

What a tasty entry for the contest. Well done!

I'd like to ask you to participate in my Art Curation Initiative #8

Done! Voted for three of my favorites. Thanks for sending me this post, highlighting such diverse types of art.

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