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RE: Mind Your Votes! II - A guide to maximizing your curation rewards

in #curation3 years ago

Well, I learned quite a bit from this post. I didn't realize that a person had to have so much Steem Power to see that bar; I thought everyone did. Great content - I will re-steem this as others should see it.

I spend more time commenting, curating and resteeming than posting. But maybe I should spend less time curating? Hmm; I will have to ponder this.


Yes, the threshold is 1 Megavests, which is currently 482.66 Steem Power.

It depends on what you enjoy! When I first joined Steemit, I used to enjoy commenting and posting. Since then, I have developed a penchant for curation.

hey @liberosist would you be so kind an tell me what the "vest" is? i checked and it says i got around 1800000 vests - what is it? thanks for reply

It's the same thing as Steem Power, just a more technical way of saying it. The conversion is 1 million Vests = 483 Steem Power.

ok that was easy, thank you very much

I've been here for so long and finally I know what "Vest" means 😜 I was always wondering.
I will check mine right away.

To be fair, you don't really need to know. Knowing your Steem Power is enough :) Vests are just the geeky term for the same thing used within the blockchain.

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