Outstanding Curation Rewards With Leased Steem Power From @minnowbooster

in #curation3 years ago

Good Morning Steemians,

Recently i made a post about how much profit can you make when leasing steem power from @minnowbooster.

But i haven't mentioned anything about how much curation rewards you can get from leasing in that post (because there is no clear formula known to calculate these rewards on steemit) and appearently it returns huge curation rewards giving that when i had 87 steem power (before the leasing) i would only make 0.1 or 0.2(Max) in steem curation rewards per week
but now


I made up to 0.8 steem power this week from curation only :)

And in my last post some of the comments mentioned that it's not ethical to upvote myself 12 times a day and it's selfish, Well I can't say it isn't selfish but i never said i would upvote myself either i'm currently using this upvote/follower exchange named SteemFollower where you upvote other people's posts and you get your upvotes back and your curation rewards will be better if you use SteemFollower since you'll be upvoting real posts that could end up on the trending or the hot list :)

Thanks For Taking The Time And Reading My Post Resteem It To Make Your Followers Know How They Can Profit From Bots Like @minnowbooster :)


I wonder if it is selfish to take money out of your own pocket invest them on the platform and want to make a small ROI.

I'm Not Sure What You Are Asking About Here !! But If You're Talking About Investing In This "Platform" aka Investing In Steem Power Then I Would Ask You The Same Thing (Since You Have More Steem Power Than Me) :)
And If You're Talking About Leasing SP From @minnowbooster, I Mentioned In The Last Post That You Can Make Up To %40 ROI From That, So I Wouldn't Consider That A "Small ROI" :)

I was expressing an opinion in a subtle way.
I am a little bit selfish and I think that the actual number is smaller. But I am not really measure it or maybe I am not that selfish. :)

liked your post great post dear.....hope u like my post too......please upvote me....

Nobody Called Me Dear Before, Thanks :)

You can use this tool, it will show you how much you make per day from curation and other things, just put username there and you will see allot of stats. I hope it will help you https://www.steemnow.com/

I'm Already Using It, Thanks For Your Comment :)

keep up the good work, upvoted :)

Thanks For Your Comment And I Appreciate Your Support :)

Hey nice one. I'm glad you found it beneficial. It sounds like you put your SP to good use. I have wondered if it's worth it for the person doing the leasing.

Thanks For Your Comment, And I Would Assume That It's Definetly Profitable To The Person Doing The Leasing Otherwise I Wouldn't Find SP To Lease :)

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