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RE: July 18 -- Steemit Ramble #102 -- Don't You Hate Missing Good Posts?

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Thank you so much @shadowspub! I really appreciate what you are doing for all of us. Feedback is useful and I thought what you have provided was professional and constructive. I found it beneficial, especially the piece about keeping paragraphs short in longer posts. I completely agree.


Thank you @rebeccaryan I really appreciate your input as well. You do some great posts. Likely has something to do with being a good writer and a Canuck :)

Hahaha! There is no doubt, I am Canadian. Thank-you for telling me that you think my material is decent. It's been a tough road, at times , to hang in there this past year and keep at it.;)
I have to admit, that I am fundamentally opposed to buying whale votes which seem to be so rampant, right now. To me, that feels like cheating the system somehow. I am happy that what I have been able to accomplish (so far) has been a result of my own doing. Thanks again.

I tend to agree with you on the buying votes. If a whale sees my work and choses to upvote, I appreciate that but buying votes is not my thing. It takes longer to make the income, but it feels a lot better when it is earned. :)

Exactly! It just feels (to me) like the platform is being cheated, somehow. It doesn't feel authentic.

out of curiousity , I have used the randowhale service a couple of times recently. It did give me a return on my investment but I don't think it is something I'd do regularly.