Reachout Curation Wednesday June 13

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  1. Author: @promise123

Self Motivation


try see the good in every thing that happens to you , always look at the brighter side of it

We should see the positive in any situation we find ourselves.

2.Author: @cool08

Appreciate the people in your life


When you appreciate the presence of people around you, either effectively or ineffectively, you will see and feel the beauty in life.

We should not forget to appreciate people in our life they are people who make our life worthwhile

3.Author: @vellzz

We will triumph over worst situations


A lot of people who go through pains, it could be mentally, physically or spiritual pains. But those who endure these pains and come out the strongest from it are usually the strongest, toughest people on the planet earth.

Tough times bring out tough people. No matter what we are going through we should endure. Sorrow may last for the night but joy cometh in the morning

4.Author : @sliver001

Being yourself is the best thing to be


You don't have to change your body, or alter your genetic makeup just to please people, boyfriend, peers, club etc.

Don't displease yourself to please someone else. Be yourself, love yourself