Reachout Curation Tuesday June 12

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Author: @delja1

I'm alone


I'm alone.
I don't have you
The words vanished like smoke
And jealousy is a painful scene


Author: @rhymeadime

Poem: Drugs


You will find me in many shapes and sizes
Any shape I can be found in and any form you will see me in
I am a master at disguise and humans know this
They take advantage of this day in and day out for their pleasure
Do not make me your friend, instead run far away from me


Author: @paramimd

Sacred Satisfaction: poetry

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The night sternly stared
at our bodies, boldly bare.
The piercing eyes of darkness...
nakedness in its sharpness.
The night lustfully listened
to our moans as we sinned.


Author: @firsteps

Leaning-day 97


Leaning, stretching, over the edge
Trying to soak up the sun.
Pushing your limits past the ledge
Trying to have some fun,

Compiled by @mattyabo