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Author - @luckyspark

Who should I love?


Love is not gotten out of your struggle, to be loved all you need is to find a soul mate. You don't force people to love you, you don't buy Love. Love grows naturally. Money can only but buy faked love and when it fades, I mean once the money is no more the love dies. I can't help but to ask myself the criteria of loving someone, then I got the answer right in my room.

When you love someone so much, you would try your best to make the person notice you. After trying everything you can, and the person still does not pay attention to you, just let the person go. Never cajole or force anyone to be in a relationship with you.

Author - @bafspotlight

Take a break and eat good food


Sometimes we work and forget that we also need to take out time to eat good food. Even if you can't afford expensive food, you can afford to get the one your pocket can purchase or take out time to cook good food for yourself. As you can see from my picture, the food isn't too expensive but it was satisfactory to me because I ate it with joy knowing I can afford something for myself. There is a saying which says HALF BREAD IS BETTER THAN NONE.

Food is very essential for our survival. It should be noted that rather than just eating anyhow for the sake of eating, it would be more nutritious to the body when we take good food (balanced diet)

Author - @nicewoody69

Imprisoned without a jury


My mother was no seer but that day she had a premonition. She sensed the evil and tried to stop me from going out to trade on that fateful day. She even begged me.

This is a fiction with elements of verisimilitude as it is sprinkled with both personal and imagined experiences.

Author - @oshiokhenoya

Football, steemit and a brother's share of a juicy part of steemit


Life is quite a puzzle and I am no poet like John Donne. Yet, I must write a beautiful mouthwatering piece worth a poets read. I am no great artist, but I must my writing piece like Leonardo Da' Vinci. I still stand as no great scientist just like Albert Einstein is.

This is a great attempt on giving back to the steemit community.