Thank @macoolette, you got them which makes this level Sold Out now. Just send the 36.16 Steem when you can. I'll be introducing curation devidends once this level is complete. You will be getting your fair share of those.

Payment sent...

I have a personal favor to make if it is possible because I lost my tracker file of the steem that I have been sending. I wonder if you have a list of the payments and if you can share mine back to me, I will greatly appreciate that. And I hope it will not be taking too much of your time. Thanks in advance!

These are all your shares @macoolette

Level 002 Shares0 STEEM0 STEEM
Level 064 Shares3.560 STEEM14.24 STEEM
Level 085 Shares3.680 STEEM18.4 STEEM
Level 0911 Shares3.740 STEEM41.14 STEEM
Level 106 Shares3.800 STEEM22.8 STEEM
Level 125 Shares3.920 STEEM19.6 STEEM
Level 135 Shares3.980 STEEM19.9 STEEM
Level 141 Share0 STEEM0 STEEM
Level 155 Shares4.100 STEEM20.5 STEEM
Level 166 Shares4.160 STEEM24.96 STEEM
Levek 178 Shares4.220 STEEM33.76 STEEM
Total58 Shares-215.3 STEEM

If I didn't make any mistakes... You have a total of 58 Shares in the @upvoteshares account. 3 of those are from sponsorships or contets wins. If the project were to end right now I would send the 215.3 STEEM back to you. You are also always free to sell the shares to anyone at any given point as explained in the terms and conditions.

I hope this is what you were looking for. I already did some early calculations and you should be getting ~1.5 steem curation dividends starting next level to compensate for the 50/50 reward slit that was introduced with HF21

Wow! Thank you very much for these details!

Thanks @macoolette,
No problem, I'll do that on monday, feel free to let me know who you want to sponsor in the mean time.

Here they are...
2 x @team-ccc
2 x @jurich60
2 x @blaogao
2 x @jaylordlobitana

Thanks again!

Maam, thank you talaga, masyado na malaki ang naitulong mo sa akin. Tsaka yan si @blaogao ay kaibigan ko pero hindi kakilala personally.😊

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