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Through my daughters eyes

There's so many things as a man that I could never attempt to understand until I began to the world through the eyes of my daughter.

Growing up as a man with a darker than tan complexion, I've faced the injustice of this world as it attacked me from nearly every direction.

I fought for the pursuit to live freely outside of my socially designated section.

I fought for the hope to exist in a world that would one day be free of the fear and the risk that comes from the wrath of an ego's imperfection.

Yes, I've warred with injustice, indecency and inequality, I've battled inequity and inexcusable actions fostered by a complexity for irrationality.

I've felt the sting of this countries denial when it came to protecting the rights promised to me by my nationality.

I've cried at the photo's of humanities cruelty in documentaries, history books and art galleries.

I've wrestled the fallacy of equality in societies imperfect total sum, I've fought it from every direction, That is, every direction but one...

You see, I was raised in a world that bows to the feet of it's sons but disregards the goddess of life from which the son's life came from.

But the fact is that within a woman is where all life came from... Just being honest.

Now, I don't say goddess of life to offend anyone, i'm not into that.

When I say women are the goddesses of life, I mean that not as an opinion, but as a non debatable fact.

Personal experience is the catalyst that feeds emotional understanding or empathy.

I only understood the fight I fought until my incredible daughter came and recentered me.

Having a daughter allowed me to view this world in frighteningly different way.

Now I see the disgustingly twisted game of sexism and oppression that's always been in play.

We're supposed to be in a time where women are no longer told what they can wear.

but women's dress code policies are still structured so male "judgement" wont become impaired. Really...

For no reason, women forfeited education because the men they made didn't want them there.

At least that's changed but now on college campuses women get raped and no one cares.

Women used to be barred from working, but now at least we're beyond those days.

Now If only we could guarantee our women the right to a fair and equally competitive wage.

When an older man dates a younger women there's nothing bad to say,

but an older women is ostracized by society when her and the older man are the exact same age. Why is that?

How would it feel for someone to take your valid concerns and sum it up to you just being crazy,

but when a man "mansplains" it to everyone, then all those other men are like "well, maybe."

"Behind every great man there's an even greater woman" who clearly this man needs.

How about we stop psychologically belittling that woman's glory and allow her to be all that she can be.

How many times have we seen men boast in rock and rap videos how little they care about the women they use?

We exploit their curves and govern their bodies but they don't deserve the freedom and the right to choose?

For all this and so much more as father I knew I had to speak up,

i'll die long before I ever let my daughter bow to the law of man so morally bankrupt and corrupt.

It's time for me as a man to take a stand and tell this sexist system that we've had enough!

I used to fight for my fellow man and take a stand for those oppressed due just to skin color,

now I understand as a father and a man that we need to join hands with our sisters, daughters and mothers.

What would you do if all of this was forced on you, oppressing your rights, would you want the world to bother ?

These we're but a few of things I might've never understood had I not come to see the world through the eyes of my daughter.

Let's do better.

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