Weekly Technology Curation & SDB Giveaway #010

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Here are five of my favorite technology posts from the past week. All upvotes from the @msp-curation account went out on Wednesday. Please take the time to visit the content listed. While they are not required to be minnows, my goal is to focus on such members when possible.

Let's share some nerd-love to our fellow tech & science Steemians!

  1. Simple, Cheap and Fun DIY project for Blinkit by @techtek
    Big thanks to @carn for sharing this post with me! As a thank you I'll be sending them 1/5th of the SBD earned on this post! Here you will find a neat little gadget for alerting you to whatever you wish. All it takes is on unused USD stick and a small bottle!

  2. How to Create a One-Page Resume Website using HTML/CSS/Flat Design by @gotgame
    We all know that having a website for a business is essential these days but what about for your resume? Here, gotgame details how to make a site with HTML and CSS for your resume. I love this idea and plan on moving from a standard text document to a web-based resume.

  3. 23andMe gets FDA green light for cancer risk test by @arwebhosting
    Cancer is a big deal and seems to only get worse and worse over time. Could our genes hold the key to knowing if we are more likely to get cancer? It looks so, and now the company 23andMe want to provide a smooth service for us busy humans.

  4. Uber's Self-Driving-Truck Scheme Hinges on Logistics, Not Tech by @samirmondal
    As I said in the past, I can not wait to have a car that drives me. Taking a nap on the way to and from work sounds fantastic. But what about the trucking industry? Uber is working to provide the service but there are a few problems to resolve, and it turns out that it is not the technology.

  5. Here's How to Get Android Apps Running on Your Laptop by @imran786
    I can not tell you how many times I wanted to run an android app on my computer. This happens when I am on an app most of the day and am just killing my battery power. In this tutorial, the author walks us through what exactly we need to do to achieve this feat.

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Thanks for helping me to discover this posts. All of them I liked and I have followed all authors and you. I am really happy when I find quality content on Steemit.

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Your airtable has kept me going here on steemit.....Thanks for distinguishing yourself Mr. Jerrybanfield.

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I find the auto pilot dilemma interesting. I’m driving a tesla, in Norway. It have difficulties every time it’s snowing. This gets on the nerves of most auto-pilot drinking enthusiasts here around, because it’s dangerous. Basically the technology is not good enough or safe enough. We have seen the auto-pilot driving ornithopters from Amazon, but they also have to go through several tests before allowing basic prototype testing of civilians. But, I feel you, I’m optimistic. It good to be optimistic, it’s feels like a smile :)

So cool, lot a cool posts here! Upvoted :)